How To Cook Red Meat Stew With Beef Ribs And

How To Cook Red Meat Stew With Beef Ribs And Onion Sauce In A Beautiful Thatched House

Pink meat stew with beef ribs and onion sauce

How To Prepare dinner Purple Meat Stew With Beef Ribs And Onion Sauce In A Attractive Thatched Property

In spite of this air, solar, soil and ample water of this land, living in this article is a acceptable sum of relieve, but as a substitute a very appropriate peace and I can enjoy it. Each minute of this pleasure, the sound of h2o, the audio of birds and the eye-catching see of the infinite mother nature…
These are our extremely worthwhile belongings that must be preserved for upcoming generations of this land

The use of self-boiling springs of mineral water is one particular of the advantages of living in the village, the beginning of human civilization in all elements of the world, right here, most of the villages have appeared upcoming to this sort of springs or rivers, and individuals are constantly drinking water from these springs. They profit to meet their demands.

The magnificence of this form of lifestyle is previously admirable in the summer, but it is accompanied by hardships in the slide and winter season.

Today I also went to one of the springs close to the village to do a person of our cooking jobs and in this scorching summer season weather I applied its awesome h2o ☺️😅

Present-day dish is 1 of our extremely famous dishes that is cooked in significant and large ceremonies. identified as meat
This dish is prepared from beef and veal, and sheep’s tail oil is used to fry the meat.

I will compose the recipe and the essential elements for you underneath and I hope you will delight in seeing it and cook dinner this dish at household with your own taste and probably even with your favorite additives 🤌🏻😋

Bone red meat
sheep’s tail
an onion
dry aloe
tomato paste

How to put together:
We lower the meats to preferred sizing and fry them in Dembe oil
Then we insert salt and pepper to it

Put them in a bowl and set aside
Chopped onions are fried in liquid oil and we increase turmeric salt and tomato paste to it
Put the roasted meats in a container and add h2o to cook dinner it.
Pour the well prepared onion sauce on the meat and let it brew well for a whilst
Our meals is ready
This mouth watering and fatty stew is served as the principal dish at get-togethers and get-togethers with Iranian steamed rice.

I hope you love observing it and aid us in the subsequent flicks

I hope you delight in watching it and help us

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#Cooking in nature

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