How to Cook Pizza on a Gas Grill Grillabilities

How to Cook Pizza on a Gas Grill | Grillabilities from BBQGuys

If you want grilled pizza worthy of a chef’s kiss, why not turn to Chef Tony himself? His mission nowadays is to present you how to prepare dinner pizza on a gas grill, both of those with a pizza stone and straight on the grill grates. Test these approaches all through the up coming family members pizza night time, or invite some close friends around for a develop-your-personal-pizza extravaganza. #Pizza #PizzaOnTheGrill #GrilledPizza

How to Prepare dinner Pizza on a Gasoline Grill:

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Chef Tony Matassa grew up in the cafe business enterprise, starting in his family’s New Orleans eatery before managing one particular of his individual. No surprise he has this kind of vast know-how of and passion for foods science, which he puts to use each and every day as our jack-of-all-trades (and learn of many). Longtime admirers of the channel know Tony has been tests grills for far more than 10 a long time, even though we’re partial to his general performance in our modern Grillabilities℠ series.

22 thoughts on “How to Cook Pizza on a Gas Grill | Grillabilities from BBQGuys”

  1. Made our first pizza on the BBQ using this method and it turned out sooooo good. Cooked it directly on the grill – no stone needed. Thanks for the instructions!!

  2. Reality is you're not going to get that crispy top cook with a grill because you're cooking fast but not at high enough heat above the pie….start it on the grill (with a baking stone or baking steel) at 550-600 F until you have the bottom crust where you want it then move it to your oven under the broiler to finish. You could also finish with a torch a la Sous Vide style with steaks…..Just one of those deals where one process won't get the best results.

  3. The best way to cook a pizza for sure. I always used gas they came out great. Just got a Pit Boss grill and smoker cant wait to try it tonight

  4. So i haven't done raw dough on grill only naan or premade pizza crusts and I can never get the bottom just right with cheese melted. If bottom is perfect cheese isn't all the way melted. Is it my temp too high? Or only raw dough should be used on grill and not premade crusts? Any suggestions are welcomed.

  5. With the stone method. I wouldn't recommend testing the temp with cornmeal. The grill should be as hot as possible, I try to get mine to 600. At that temp the cornmeal is going to burn which is fine because you shouldn't be putting cornmeal on the stone. Put cornmeal on your peel before putting your pizza on the peel.

    Put the stone on the grill before you start preheating. Crank the grill all the way up and wait an hour. Then you are good to go. At 600 it should cook for around 7min depending on your dough/toppings. I usually wait until 6 min have passed and then quickly peek in to see how it is going and then adjust timer from there.

  6. This sounds like the best way to cook pizza. I've recently retired and moved to another city. The oven at our new place is a large single oven that takes forever to heat up and cool down. That's a bad thing in central Texas. I think I'll try my Weber Q propane grill. I almost never cook meat indoors. The grating is difficult to keep perfectly clean as often as I use it. Oh, and my wife is a vegetarian so I can't let the pizza touch that grate, so I'll use the pizza stone method.

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