How to cook pizza in a cast iron skillet

How to cook pizza in a cast iron skillet

Do-it-yourself pizza in a solid-iron skillet 🍕🍕

Getting the fantastic pizza dough can be a hard choice to make simply because there are so a lot of possibilities out there. I have a short while ago uncovered these @traderjoes TraderJoes all set to bake pizza doughs and I have to say they are super quick to use and taste delectable also!! My favored aspect about this pizza dough is that you can include it into quite a few diverse recipes and the directions are so easy to observe that even your little ones can get in on the pizza producing!

To make you pizza all you have to have is a little little bit of EVOO, pizza dough, Italian Seasoning, cheese and your beloved topping. Adhere to instructions in the back again of the dough package deal!
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43 thoughts on “How to cook pizza in a cast iron skillet”

  1. It is mandatory to put oil on top of the dough otherwise if will create a gum line and it wouldn’t be evenly cooked

  2. Your title says COOK but you BAKED it 🤭two different things – Cooking Need Fire
    You can't just put oil on Iron Skillet put the Pizza Base on it and Just BAKE it that's not cooking that's just Baking. ( two different things ) the crust also looks like it still needs some more time. Preheat the Iron Skillet for good crust.

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