38 thoughts on “How to Cook & Peel Signal Crayfish”

  1. I have been catching brown crabs, shrimps, lobsters and crayfish for years. I cant tell you now that any commercial fisherman in the UK would laugh heartily at the PC idiots who "place their catch in the freezer" to ease their passing. Its hilarious.

  2. Y'all would starve to death eating crawfish in Louisiana.Β  I can't believe how squeamish Brits are about cooking crawfish, either.Β  πŸ™‚

  3. If you get the middle paddle in its tail and twist left and then right and then pull it takes the whole guy out in one go and if you don’t purge by washing two to three times by immersing in cold clean tap water then you are going to need quite a few bog rolls

  4. So you don't soak the live crayfish over night in clean water to purge them of impurities before putting them in the freezer ? Everyone I've spoken does this but now it seems unnecessary 😊

  5. Hi Mark, Good useful vid.
    Could you please tell me, if the environment agency issues me with a licence to trap crayfish do i need to ask permission from the canal and river trust first?
    If so it said on their website that they normally don't give permission unless it's for scientific research or some think to that nature, is that correct? If so we are just going around in circles hence why there is so many!!!!

  6. OMG why would you want to eat creyfish you don't know what the fuck they eat in that river shit,flesh dead bodies wtf is wrong with you all Lobster is much better

  7. 5minutes in the freezer 5 minutes in salty boiling water. Takes 5 sc at the most to peel them. crush the claws in ya teeth. That's why we have teefs.

  8. Mark, I've just cooked my first batch but I don't know if I'm missing something. They don't seem to have the flavour everyone raves about, in fact they are tasteless. Well purged over 3 day's, chilled as in your vid, boiled in brine (no other addition) 4 mins. I've got some Shwartz Cajun mix, is this right stuff & how to use ? Thanks, Frank.(E. London)

  9. Thanks for the info, just seems pointless for the amount of food you get from them. Well done for removing them from our Rivers though thumbs up.

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