How to cook Leather Britches and Using your Garden for

How to cook Leather Britches, and Using your Garden for the best Marinara Sauce!



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recipe marinara
base for marinara
2 cups small Yard salad tomatoes
eco-friendly bell pepper
salt pepper

9 smaller to medium tomatoes

to your style incorporate
garlic powder
bay leaf
anchovy paste
refreshing basil
sugar, can use Brown sugar

Leather Britches
3 cups dry inexperienced beans
h2o to deal with
salt pork or bacon
2 t. minced garlic
bacon grease

What are Leather Britches video clip

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38 thoughts on “How to cook Leather Britches, and Using your Garden for the best Marinara Sauce!”

  1. Did you see that your friend, Miss Vickie's daughter, Shana, is missing from Texas? I'm sure she has talked to you. I just knew you and Mr. Brown would want to be praying about it.

  2. Ms. Lori and Mr. Brown, y'all have brought back to me so many good memories from my growing up years. I pray for y'all and appreciate your channel and all that you share with us. Food is such a good memory maker, and my Momma made a lot of good dishes for us. When it was our birthday, our present was getting to decide what was for supper, and she made it for us. That was a big deal for us kids, and I carried that over to my own kids, but they got a cake and gift to go along with it. Sometimes a party if they wanted. My folks didn't have the money to do that, but it didn't matter to me then nor does it now. It was a wonderful time, even though we were poor I didn't know it. Furthermore, when you have the Lord in your life, there is no such thing as being poor. Thanks again and God bless y'all.

  3. Thank you for sharing your garden remnant marinara sauce recipe. I had a big bowl of the end of my garden veggies. Had enough to make ti pints. Since I was already canning, I processed them to go on the shelf. By the way my daughters name is Lori !! I love your homestead.

  4. Wow,,what a yummy looking pan of tomatoes….love how they look close up….you sure don't waste te,,mrs lori….

  5. You inspired me so much,,I'm being a tiny price of land ,,in southwest arkansas…I love you guys….I thank God for my city apt,,but I would rather face a wild bear than some of these folks around here,,who are up to no good…thank you so so much ,,mrs.lori,,you help me escape this rat race area…I'm only getting 1/4th acre,,but I plan,,GOD willing to have verticle garden……it's ashame,,here I have outdoor patio,,someone destroys anything I put. Out there…I go that same real little oven…it has been a blessing,,,

  6. I love every bit of every video. I shared this video with my daughters and a friend, all of whom will definitely enjoy. Thank you and God bless every one of you!

  7. Would like to see you do the gadget video Miss Lori. I think it would be fun 🙃 Re-watched the pea salad video. Yum ! Thx for all you do 😊

  8. I enjoy watching you cook. I grew up in the hills of West Virginia where putting up food was the only way to survive. God truely blessed us each year with a good garden. Leather britches are one of my favorite foods. We always had strings drying. Mother would put them in a cloth feedback to store. I am now in my 70s and live on a homestead in Florida. Yes, there are lots of rural areas in the Sunshine state. I am putting up carrots and pears today and still using my Mother's canning things!

  9. Never heard of these ways.
    I’m sure my Grandma did some of these ways being born in 1907. (Dads mom). But, when I came along in 1963 things were different. We were in Nevada 3 1/2 years and 2 years in Alaska then back to Nevada 4 years and then on to Colorado rest of my time till I got married and then divorced and now in Oklahoma. So these things if done never saw.

  10. Mrs. Lori, I have watched your channel since You only had less than 100 subscribers, I'm happy for You & Mr. Brown that your channel has grown so very much..I have a question?? Why do you do mostly like voice over instead of like live or whatever they call it?? And also I'm 2 days behind about getting to watch this, but the last couple x s I've watched I've noticed it says a lot of views, but says. N/A(none available for likes) why is that???

  11. I never peel my tomatoes. I totally agree with you on the nutrients and flavor just like potatoes. I do peel potatoes for mashed at times, usually just scrub them. Carrots as well. What a delicious sauce you just made….Yum. Now I need to dry some beans and make leather britches. 😋

  12. Mrs Lori could you do an old fashioned taffy pull sometime? I want to invite my daughter, grandchildren, and a couple friends over to do it when the weather gets cooler. I've cooked most things in my 75 years But never taffy.

  13. When you love God and His Creation, you are in the Right Track! I'm glad I found your video! Thank you for sharing with us and encouraging us to live the way God intends us to live!

  14. We were at Cades Cove here in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee and a lady was stringing up beans. I said …leather britches….she said you must be from around here because nobody else has ever known what they were. I laughed and said I'm from the next county over.

  15. Patara at Appalachia’s Homestead was the first I’d ever heard of leather britches, and now you! I need to try doing them. My Kentucky Wonder poke beans are just starting to climb, so I’m anxiously awaiting!

  16. Yes, bacon grease. I swear Mom found every opportunity to add bacon grease to her cookin' even in her molasses cookies, kid you not. Everyone raved about Mom's cooking, the secret was bacon grease.

  17. Here from Western NC, I always called them shuck beans and was blessed watching and learning from my family here and KY . We will hang some up in late summer and then put them in a pillow case in the freezer for the winter. It’s a special occasion food for us and a tradition for many that’s getting less and less .

  18. LOL…. We call them "Shuck Beans " or "Shucky Beans" as us kids used to call them, we strung up bushels of beans in the summer…..we loved them…..and I found a container I had from several yrs. ago, I had them in a plastic bag and had black pepper all in them too, (heard would take care of any bugs).but now I have had them so long, I'm wondering if they are still any good. ? Trying to figure out just how old they really are, and I'm guess now , way over 15 yrs. old….. they still look fine….but for some reason I haven't cooked them yet…… so don't want to really cook them just for myself…….. Do you have any idea….?….

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