How to cook EPIC fried rice the only guide you

How to cook EPIC fried rice… the only guide you need | Marion's Kitchen

Everything you want to know about building fried rice is right here, my friends. Check out out my new fried rice masterclass, which involves two recipes from my new cookbook, Constantly Mouth watering.
My Express Pho Noodle Soup is just 1 of 100 recipes in my new cookbook, Constantly Scrumptious, which is out there to pre-buy now!
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42 thoughts on “How to cook EPIC fried rice… the only guide you need | Marion's Kitchen”

  1. Please do a master class on everything rice paper and rice noodles! Especially the very wide fresh chewy ones!!!! 🥰🥰🥰 your the best! ❤

  2. Hey Marion! I’m watching from Hannover, Germany. Love you dishes, your funny style, and props to your professional team as well. I have a lot of asian friends (Thailand, Vietnam, HongKong) who are always still surprised when I invite them for dinner. Thanks for all your inspiration, your new book is on my birthday wish list 😏

  3. I love that tossing the contents by back n forth round n round movements of the wok. that's quintessential Chinese style. Kolkata is very fond of Chinese( indo Chinese I mean). there is a sizeable Chinese community here with their ancestors having come here long2 ago.

  4. Hi Marion, I'm a Malaysian and I enjoy ur informative videos. Is there any difference btwn using instantly cooked rice vs leftover cooked rice which we stored in fridge 1 or 2 days earlier? Those cooked rice which u've prepared right b4 frying it may cause more sooginess, will it? Tks for ur advice…

  5. I have tried a lot of ways to cook the perfect rice, like a rice cooker, saucepan cooker, and it either sticks on the bottom or clumps together. I tried your way and the rice is soft, fluffy, not clumpy and is just perfect. Thanks to my now go to rice for every occasion.

  6. Love your cooking show! Asian food is my favorite!!! I got very spoiled living in San Francisco and the Bay Area for most of my life! Retired now and I've been living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for the last 6 years! And I'm cooking up a storm from all your recipes! Keep 'em coming! Cheers! Marcia Makley

  7. Ok, will try rice as per your recommendation . I’ve always done the 1:1.5 ratio. Nothing worse then when the niece says “yum I love soggy rice.” It’s like the biggest insult 😂

  8. I really love your fried rice, 🙏 ❤️ l must remember your recipe, l have seen others but not interested, but really loved your father’s HOW he made it,,,, thanks,, l definitely will do it,,

  9. Funny how you do the ratio with water when I have always learned from my culture we use our vinger as our measurement and which rice to use when making fried rice and also after the bubbling of the rice we use a towel to steam the rice! And also after cooking the rice we dry the rice before making the fried rice!

  10. Hey M, USA here! I make a vegan version I sub egg for JustEgg and add carrots, peas and sprouts instead of meat. I also use nori furikake as my seasoning. Other than that I follow your recipe. Thanks for inspiring me to cook these delicious meals at home.

  11. Hi Marion. This is probably a silly question but how long will the wine last in the fridge after opening? I don’t use it often, but want to make sure if after a few months it would still be okay to use flavour wise. 🇨🇦

  12. Hey, Marion
    Love watching your cooking show from South Africa
    Can't wait to try out some of your recipes. You such a pretty lady
    Sending you hugs…mina

  13. Hello marion,i do really love your recipe’s.oh bdw i made some aussie dim sim from your recipe,and it taste really about to open my food cart and excited to share it to people.hope you will make your own version of our famous LAPAZ BATCHOY.
    watching from PHILIPPINES.

  14. Hey Marion! Watching from Brisbane QLD! So cool we are in the same state 😊
    Do you have any recipes for enchiladas or any more tray bakes? Loved your last chicken tray bake😍

  15. Watch from Cape Town area South Africa! Hoping you and your family will visit us and we can share the great food and look at the wild life! Elephants, lions, leopard and and … loving your cooking methods! 💫🍷

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