How To Cook Competition BBQ Chicken Thighs

How To Cook Competition BBQ Chicken Thighs

In this movie, we share some of our competition insider secrets on how to cook our award-winning chicken thighs on a 270 People who smoke GS model. We get you by means of the complete method from get started to end, leaving nothing at all out.

29 thoughts on “How To Cook Competition BBQ Chicken Thighs”

  1. Thought you had to make everything yourself in a competition, like your rub and sauce?
    this video is way to long. the chicken looks great though.

  2. For the people commenting about how much chicken was cut away, the title does say competition meaning they should look the same. You lose me though when you sprayed the fake butter on the chicken. will never touch fake butter when the same can be done with real butter. But loved the sauce all over your face after only two bites!

  3. Holy Crap… THAT's a lot of work and expense for some cheap Chicken Thighs…. Still $.99 lb at Sams Club. The spices alone were $ more than the meat…. not to mention the smoking expense. Crazy.

  4. 27:10 where did all that water in the bottom of that pan come from? I think you cooked all of the natural juices from out of the chicken. I'd begin considering your health when you prepare your food for yourself and your family. Man adding butter to chicken? Hoo man!

  5. Popcorn Sutton is laughing his ass off right now . What happened to an open pit some time foil and some "spices and beer" not takin away from u son or anyone else but ….wow! Keep it simple son

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