How to cook a Turkey Crown

How to cook a Turkey Crown

How to prepare dinner a turkey crown in the oven.
A enormous seasonal favorite. Outdated Jim reveals you how to cook a family members sized turkey crown. Filmed on 23 December 2019. Old Jim served this cooked turkey to his spouse and children on Christmas Day. Can be served as a major, or good in sandwiches. A seasonal crucial for Christmas Day.

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—- Basic safety Detect —-
Be thorough in the kitchen area.
Be hygienic when cooking with raw meat.
Usually make confident meat is completely cooked before feeding on.
Training caution when making use of sharp implements.
Be thorough you do not melt away you, or other individuals, although cooking.

Disclaimer: The creators of this movie will not be held liable for any adverse effects that may possibly come up from employing this recipe, and/or approach.

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18 thoughts on “How to cook a Turkey Crown”

  1. Cooking my first christmas dinner for the family, got the roasts down, the veg and the other bits, now just to not mess this up. My mothers a vegetarian and our meat hasn't been great as well she in her defence doesn't eat it so tends to overdo everything. Hopefully I can cook up something edible ha, thanks Jim

  2. Thank you Jim for an informative video. I'm cooking a turkey crown for my daughter and family on Christmas Eve. My darling late Wife always did us all proud at Christmas by putting on a lovely spread. All the best to you.

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