How to cook a Tuile COOL PLATING IDEA

How to cook a Tuile | COOL PLATING IDEA

Tuile is that foods product that can make your dish appear remarkable, no-make a difference what the other elements of your plate are. It is made use of by numerous skilled Chefs about the environment as an ultimate food items decoration. And it is essentially really effortless to make, as extended as you have the suitable devices (non-adhere pan in this scenario) and use suitable proportions in your recipe (see beneath).
In this recipe I’ve flavoured my Tuile with Saffron, but you can use any kind of flavouring in your Tuile, e.g. substitute Saffron tea with tomato juice, or beet juice. In these situations you will finish up with Tuiles not only of diverse flavor but also colour.
The world is your oyster, examine and sharpen your culinary techniques!
And of course, it is also absolutely vegan 🙂

Directed & Edited by Niko Karle

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– 200 ml H2o
– 1 tbsp Saffron
– 1 tsp Smoked Paprika
– 100 ml Any flavourless Vegetable oil
– 30 g All Intent flour

| How to cook a Tuile | Cool PLATING Idea |
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22 thoughts on “How to cook a Tuile | COOL PLATING IDEA”

  1. You're not only a great Chef but a great artist as well. Saffron is very expensive for us here but we bite the price to make delicious Paella's. I've lived in New York for some time and have dined in the best restaurants as well as when I travel as I am a foodie. I thought, Alain Ducasse and Daniel Boulud are the great Chefs until I discovered you. I hope to dine in your restaurant one day and get to taste your dishes with your exquisitely artistic plating. Greetings from Manila, Philippines!

  2. Looks amazing; Have a doubt though – when your pan is heated up did you pour any oil first? The video angle didn't show what was in the pan when you pour the batter 🙁 But when the top view resumed it appears Tuile is getting shaped in full pan of oil? Where does so much oil came from? Does pan size matter ?

  3. A different way of amping up favour instead of just herbs is by using flavoured oils. we use to infuse our oils with sage for example, depending on what the main of the dish is, to compliment the dish. well done chef!

  4. Hi Chef, I've tried this recipe but every time when i pour the batter into the oil it shoots all over the pan. How can you make sure they will stay perfectly Round?

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