How To Cook A Steak The Reverse Sear Method

How To Cook A Steak: The Reverse Sear Method

The reverse sear system is an great strategy of cooking large cuts of beef. Steaks and roasts are cooked flawlessly in the oven, then seared to crispy perfection.

40 thoughts on “How To Cook A Steak: The Reverse Sear Method”

  1. Very disappointed in this presentation, as said elsewhere, resting under foil is going to counteract the drying process which is the point and then they didn't sear each side very well and didn't sear the sides at all. geeze.

  2. What did u just fkn do ya twit. U didn't even use a good fkn oil to sear it at a higher heat, avocado, safflower? Yer a fkn disgrace to chefs. U didn't even have the balls to under cook it in the fkn oven, then sear it to its perfect cooking temp, not to mention it wouldve given you time to add butter, and rosemary caramelize it, and baste the steak. For the love of all living chefs never replicate this again.

  3. dont cover with foil and let it rest right before you sear it. the point of reverse searing is not just for the internal temp to get to where it needs to be but also for the surface of the steak to dry out as it will yield the most malliard reaction when seared. moisture is the enemy when trying to form a nice golden crust when searing. the fact that you allow it to sit under a foil mean you trap moisture onto the surface as the meat cools resulting in more moisture on the surface. hence your crust wasnt as good as it should have been.

  4. Your missing pepper, 2 tbl spoons of butter, 2-3 cloves of garlic, cooked rosemary, avocado oil, and a piping hot cast iron. You destroyed a beautiful steak, congratulations.

  5. where is the Sear? Under cook it a little then sear longer to get a crust. And once it is seared take off heat and add butter. Then take out of pan to let rest

  6. Shouldn't all steaks be measured to 1- 1/2 in. thickness? Is this not the standard for searing? I mean really anything less than that for sure isn't searing

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