How to cook a Samoan umu ABC Australia

How to cook a Samoan umu | ABC Australia

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In Samoa, males and boys get ready an above-ground oven – identified as an umu – almost day by day.

It’s also a tradition getting carried out by the rapidly escalating Samoan diaspora in Australia.

It is one particular of the lots of methods that mom and dad can go on their society to their youngsters.

In Rockhampton, central Queensland, Safanua Onehunga Mata’uiau is assisting his son hone his umu-producing capabilities, but there have been a couple of tweaks to account for the diverse environments.

The wood burns a little bit hotter, there is no fresh taro, and you have to account for your neighbours. But here’s a step-by-action to make your umu Queensland type.


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  1. Where did you get there rocks from? Provides a lawful answer. The truth: steal from the rail way tracks 😂

  2. I did this with 5 small piglets. We had exploding rocks. Burnt fingers. Rain. 12 foot flames when we opened her up and the oxygen hit the remaining coals. Wasn't my best dinner party as far as food goes but winding up to have another go soon!

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