how to clean a CAST IRON PAN after cooking

how to clean a CAST IRON PAN after cooking

Right now is the introduction of 3 Minute Thursday and the 1st lesson is solid iron cleansing right after cooking. In this online video, I will exhibit you my brief and easy way to clear a solid iron skillet immediately after cooking with it. Cast Iron pans are astounding equipment but its very straightforward to enable them go uncared for. With these cast iron routine maintenance recommendations and taking care of your solid iron correctly, you may have it forever.

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35 thoughts on “how to clean a CAST IRON PAN after cooking”

  1. Thank you! 🙏 Just got done making our first (after seasoning the pan 3 days ago of course) cast iron dinner alongside my husband and we both realized while eating, that neither of us knew how to clean the darn thing! My husband was JUST about to pour Dawn dish soap in it until I said “WAIIIIT!!! We gotta check YouTube first just to make sure cause this thing was a lot of work to season!!!!”

  2. I made hamburgers last night and left the skillet sit overnight. So it was pretty messy. I scraped out the bulk of the grease with a spatula and threw it in the garbage. I heated up the pan to melt the remainder of the grease and then I wiped it out with two or three full size sheets of Bounty towels. It was pretty gross but whatever. That's when I did a YouTube search on how to clean a cast iron skillet and found this video.

    So I guess I need to scrub out the stuck on stuff and then re-season it. I don't have a chain mail scrubber but I do have a Brillo Pad, or one of those plastic abrasive pads. My mom used to use Comet Cleanser, which seems about as good as kosher salt.

  3. And there you have it! How to clean your cast iron for $27 each and every day! You just need a cup of salt, paper towels, wash cloths, chain mail scrubber, canola oil, and heat application and 30mins of cleaning time. Seems kinda high maintenance and like an expense that will add up over time.

  4. I know you've probably received a lot of thank yous for presenting this great instructional video, but…thank you for presenting this great instructional video. 👍

  5. Thank you! This is just what I needed to see tonight. My caregiver boiled a tomato casserole in my 25 year old cast iren skillet, which took off that lovely 25 years of seasoning. Starting over… Great helpful video!

  6. Thank you!
    I have a cast iron pan that I bought nearly 3 years ago when my bf and I moved into our apartment. I planned to use it everyday but have always been nervous of how to maintain it, so it's really just become an ornament in the kitchen. I'm saving this video and hoping to refer to it should I buck up and actually use the dang thing. I love when you're at a restaurant and the server brings out a small skillet with shrimp or chicken and peppers and onions still sizzling in the pan, and I want so much to be able to prepare foods like that in my own kitchen.

  7. don't know the proper name for it… but if you get your pan properly seasoned it ends up being basically a non-stick surface… at the end of cooking, I pour out any oil and pour in about a cup of water to deglaze and use a metal spatula to scrap any stuck bits up and then rinse with hot water in the sink… then dry and lightly reoil with a paper towel…

  8. Awesome, Stephen! Great video from well before I started following you. This is how I care for my cast, and she's 3 decades old! Eggs still slide right out!

  9. When it comes to oils for both seasoning and protecting cast iron, I have seen that Flax Oil is the best oil to use over all others. I'd like to see what others say about this.

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