How To Campfire Cook An Egg In Its39 Shell

How To Campfire Cook An Egg In Its' Shell

A phase by phase demonstration of how to campfire cook an egg in its’ personal shell employing primitive suggests.

This is a minimalist and fairly primitive method of cooking an egg without regular products. If you at any time locate yourself with eggs to consume when missing contemporary cookware, this procedure will get you by. Remember to be safe and sound, have entertaining, and never leave your campfire unattended. Thanks once again for looking at,
xoxo Bre

24 thoughts on “How To Campfire Cook An Egg In Its' Shell”

  1. …takes a teenager to teach a 70 yr young man how to do this… "You are NEVER too old to learn !"
    (I was heating up soup in a toaster oven, & thought… "I wonder IF I can cook an egg at the same time ?"…)
    Well, I thought about the 'splouding stuff, but dismissed it… thinking dumbly…
    Saw this post while early on in the low heat cook… wha ??? dragged it out, broke a hole on top as Bre advised… and safely have a cooked egg to eat..
    Thanx, kiddo… tho you are probably in yur 20's & married at my post time !

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