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How do y’all cook Vienna sausage? I’ve heard some people say they cook them, I u…

How do y’all cook Vienna sausage? I’ve heard some people say they cook them, I usually eat them straight from the can

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46 thoughts on “How do y’all cook Vienna sausage? I’ve heard some people say they cook them, I u…”

  1. Nikki Natvik Levene

    We only eat them during hurricanes as a power is out food lol so straight out the can

  2. June Davis Lance

    Only way I’ve ever cooked them was to add to pork n beans or baked beans for beanie weenies.

  3. Shannon McAlexander

    Ketchup. I’ve tried them from the can dipped in Mayo, mustard, hot sauce…. Ketchup for the win for me.

  4. Pigs in a blanket, cut up and add to fired potatoes or scrambled eggs, cut up and add them to baked beans or scalloped potatoes, cut up and add to fried rice

  5. I eat them from the can but sometimes I will slice in half long wise and add mustard and a little brown sugar and brown in the oven on broil and eat with rice and soy sauce

  6. Linda Lamey Rodell

    Cut in half , put on bread with butter and mustard. Sometimes thinly sliced onion. Yum

  7. Michele Purviance-Brown

    I’ve never cooked them, like them straight from the can with saltine crackers. I Love potted meat on saltines too!

  8. Randie Spires Kirkley

    I put them in a bowl and microwave them for like a minute, but I don’t really cook them.

  9. I eat mine from the can with a slice of white bread
    A bite of sausage, a bite of bread I know making a sandwich would be easier but this is the way I like

  10. Alandra DuMais

    I know people who slice them up, crisp in olive oil or butter, then mix them into yellow rice

  11. Dee Villarejos

    Whelp, most people don’t i guess. But, if ur going to “cook” them may I suggest chopped with a can of baked beans. Another way is to use them like a breakfast sausage in a casserole or frittata- just needs some seasoning. Another way is to chop up and add to a mac and cheese.

  12. Tiffany Shariece Glasco

    Some cans say to cook them. Since that revelation came about, people have been frying them in a bit of oil like you’d do bologna or something

  13. Krista Nicole Hollman Ates

    I bet they would be good grilled 🤔🤔 or fried to get them a little brown like a sausage link

  14. Susan Michelle Nance

    I make pigs in the blanket out of them with homemade biscuit dough. My grandmother used to make them when I was little.

  15. Tammie Lynne Chittick

    I toss them. However my toddler children use to eat them whole instead of hotdogs. They loved them

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