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How can I use mixed berry cream cheese and vegetable garden cream cheese. Beside…

How can I use mixed berry cream cheese and vegetable garden cream cheese. Besides bagels of course

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  1. I like them on cucumbers, cut lengthwise and scoop the seeds out, spread the cheese in the hollow and then slice. I also used the garden vegetable in my crab dip. Break up the imitation crab into like shredded consistancy. Add powdered ranch dip. Put the whole carton and with a couple Tbsp. of mayo or sour cream, whichever you prefer. I cut up celery into small chunks and add some garlic powder. Mix until well blended. Chill then enjoy.

  2. Veggie one could be used for crab ragoons and the mixed berry could be used as a filler for dessert egg rolls.

  3. Damian McConnell

    The berry cream cheese you can use for cheesecake and the veggie you can mix with sliced olives and onion for dip

  4. Kelley Michael Anderson

    Take the sweet mini bell peppers and cut in half. Add some garden cream cheese and sprinkle with everything bagel seasoning

  5. Helen Sims Baker

    I use this recipe I found on Pinterest. The berry cream cheese would make a delicious danish.

    Cheesecake Crescent Rolls
    2 (8oz each) package cream cheese, softened
    1 1/2 tsp vanilla
    1/4 cup butter, melted

    Unroll and spread 1 of the cans of crescent rolls on the bottom of a 9 x 13 baking dish. Combine softened cream cheese, 1 cup sugar, and vanilla. Spread over crescent roll layer. Unroll and layer remaining crescent rolls over cream cheese layer. Melt your butter and spread over top of crescent rolls. Sprinkle generously with cinnamon and sugar.

    Bake for 20-30 minutes in 350 degree oven until bubbly and slightly browned. Drizzle with a little honey if you like. Let cool before slicing.

  6. I mix cream cheese into homemade blue berry muffins (or any fruit muffin) and it makes it very creamy and yummy I bet berry cream cheese would be good in it too!

  7. Fried wontons, just coat the mixed berry one in a cinnamon sugar after it’s fired. Mix the garden one with chopped bell peppers and onion.

  8. Mixed berry is great as a fruit dip for apple slices.also waffles.vegie one is great spread on ham ,roll it up,slice in bite size pieces for appetizer 😁

  9. Garden vegetable can be used in cream soups, added to the ricotta layer in lasagna used on panini sandwiches, etc.

  10. Veggie cream cheese is great in a dip,, mix with cheese, sour cream, a little mayo,, shredded cheese, some green onions , salt and pepper in a food processor til smooth…yum

  11. Garden Cream Cheese can go in Mashed Potatoes or Twice Baked Potatoes
    The Mixed Berry use for Mini Cheesecakes

  12. The veggie you can use to make bacon roll ups. Cut ends off bread cut the bread in half . smear on cream cheese and roll up. Cut bacon slices in half use to wrap around bread rolls. Bake 400 until done . soo good !!

  13. Mixed Berry would ve great in frosting and the garden vegetables as a dip or a filling/topping for chicken.

  14. Can put them in puff pasty and brush with butter. The berry one sprinkle with sugar and the garden vegetable one sprinkle sesame seeds and then bake . And even do that in pillsbury can biscuits. Can use the berry one for a fruit dip and the garden one for veggies too . They both are good with pretzels

  15. Kathryn Pederson

    The vegetable one can go into a savoury sauce over rice,potatoes etc. You could add some milk or yogurt to the sweet one for a fruit dip or as a salad dressing

  16. Jody Huffstutler

    I used the veggie with a block of cream cheese to replace the feta in the tomato pasta bake. And whip the berry one up with the eggs, milk etc to make deconstructed French toast

  17. Annie LaGree-Buller

    Garden vegetable in a flour tortilla with turkey lunch meat, lettuce and tomato is a great lunch.

  18. Berry would be great baked in a pastry! Croissants are easiest I think. The garden would be a great chip dip or would be a savory pastry bake maybe w some chicken?

  19. I use it in baking. I’ll use refrigerator dough or any simple dough or puff pastry or crescents. I’ll use a dollop of cream cheese and a dollop of fruit preserves and bake till dough is done. With the vegetable one I wouldn’t pair it with fruit, but you could pair it with peppers or chopped vegetable or nothing at all. And the baked pastry is delicious. The pic shows round ones made with crescent rolls and the messy one is pie crust to make over filled pockets.

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