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How can I make cheap refried pinto beans out can taste better??

How can I make cheap refried pinto beans out can taste better?? 😭😭

thank for the original creator Aquifer Shangrila

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  1. Phillip Stratton

    Heat up bacon fat, brûlée half of a red onion, remove, add salt pepper and some hot sauce!

  2. Sweetpea Larkin

    I make bean dip out of it. I melt sharp shredded cheddar into it, give it a good mix, add fresh chopped onions and a small jar of good salsa.

  3. Trisha Lynn Dickens

    I add hot salsa and cheese
    I often make my own just make pot of beans drain almost all the juice add cheese and salsa blend with hand mixer then season to your liking while cooking i add bacon grease jalapenos garlic onion chili powder and cumin just small amounts

  4. Heat a little oil fry onions serano or jalapeños then add beans 1tsp of chicken bullion salt to taste

  5. Catherine Nadermohammadi

    You fried some onion in butter, them when the onion is crusty you take it out and add your beens and fried them for a little bit. you can add a tiny bit of chicken seasoning g like maggie consome if you have for better taste. But the fried onion is the secret 😊

  6. A little bit of milk some shredded cheese and a little bit of cumin. It’s a trick an ex girlfriend of my sons taught me.

  7. I always add garlic powder and some good shakes out of my fave taco seasoning packet and stir stir stir

  8. Use lard heat ut then add jalapenos but make s holes in them fry them along with a bit of onion. When they begin to bubble put some mozzarella cheese. Turn it off.

  9. Selena Rodriguez

    Sauté an onion in a lil butter add diced jalapeños ( jarred always on hand ) onion fry Caramelized like, add can of refried beans, add a little salt, pepper, maybe 1/4 cup of water. You don’t want it too thick but you don’t want runny or thin. Let cook together for 3 min on a med heat or so till it starts to bubbling , boil let it sit it’ll also thicken up. You can also add some cheese at the end. Yum 😋🤤

  10. Buy whole can beans drain melt a little bacon grease or butter in skillet add beans and mash yourself. Much better than canned refrird beans

  11. Billie Jean Teel

    I actually just buy the full pinto beans and smash them myself! I think they taste better than the can of refried!

  12. Veg stock, caramelized onions give them greater depth of flavor.
    Also a bit of cumin and black pepper. EASY on the cumin…it’s to easy to go overboard. I use maybe a Teaspoon per 6 qt crockpot.
    Caramelized onions on stove. Puree with stick blender. Add to crockpot of soaked and drained beans. Cover with veg stock and put on low all day. Start smashing with back of spoon after 6 hours. Salt to taste.Cook to desired consistency.
    I freeze in vac bags for single use.

  13. Sandra Ann Anaya

    Heat up alittle oil in a pan, drain the beans add to pan smash the beans then add mild cheddar cheese.

  14. Fry up some chorizo then add the canned beans stir it all together heat for a few minutes then add shredded cheese mix and turn off heat…

  15. Kimberly Armstrong

    I mix a little Sour cream, hot sauce, onion and cheese bake in the oven at 350 for about 20mins

  16. Jennifer Narey Mendez

    I make my own pinto beans in a crockpot. I add water of course, salt, jalapeño, bacon, onion, cilantro, sliced hot dog and sometimes tomato. Sometimes I sauté the onion, jalapeño and bacon together before adding. I imagine you could do the same to canned beans.

  17. Connie Gallo Hartmann

    I would add a little salt, onion powder garlic powder and shredded cheddar cheese
    Very good.

  18. Y’all with the bacon grease. I always save it. I’m going to do this. I seriously love this page.

  19. In small pot, sautee fresh minced garlic and diced onions in lots of butter. Add refried beans and season with black pepper.
    Heat on low and stir often to prevent sticking.
    Enjoy 😉

  20. Small amount oil chopped onions saute lightly remove them add Rotel tomatoes w chilies cook till liquid is almost gone add pinto beans and as there cooking take a potato masher mash to the consistency you desire add your onions mix together,it’s way better than canned refried beans if you have Time cook your dry pinto beans and refry them the same way much better ,dash salt black pepper garlic powder onion powder,I also saute jalapenos n Onion set aside till I get everything mashed together if I don’t have any Rotel

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