I am looking for a dish that is completely different

Hosting a baby shower! Need a recipe that makes it look like I went all out but …

Hosting a baby shower! Need a recipe that makes it look like I went all out but in reality was super easy!!

thank for the original creator Michele Martinez

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  1. Sloppy joes homemade, chips/ dips, hot dog bar, taco bar , nacho bar where u put everything out on foil. Hamburger casserole, or tater tot taco casserole

  2. Catherine Coleman

    Sandwich tray at Costco and wraps. Caesar salads and chicken Alfredo. One stop shopping! Cake is there too! You can also make a pasta salad. I just did my daughters. It was as perfect! Order sandwich trays ahead and wraps

  3. mix cream cheese with ranch seasoning for cucumber cream cheese sandwiches. pumpernickel rye swirl bread looks so pretty

  4. Alysha O'Cheltree

    I made “mommaritas” and had a taco bar

    I bought plastic marg glasses
    Found a fun strawberry punch/virgin marg recipe
    Rimmed the glass with sugar and put a strawberry on the rim

  5. Danielle Arnold

    Melon and berries fruit bowl. Coat with a 1:1 simple syrup infused with orange or tangerine juice and real vanilla that has cooled. Garnish with some pretty herbs.

  6. Pulled pork or chicken sandwiches
    Sliders with ham and cheese
    Fruits and veggies trays
    Dips like 5 layer dip or queso
    Salads like potatoe salad or a pasta salad
    These are the things I did at my baby showers

  7. My MIL would put a Stouffers frozen lasagna in her own pan before baking. My husband said it was a good thing because she couldn’t cook worth a darn. lol

  8. Darcy Townsley

    I did a charcuterie table for my daughter’s. Everything was bought and just sliced/cut.

  9. Fruit kabob and vegetables kabobs with a plate of cheese and crackers and at the end do some cupcakes and sweet treats

  10. The best shower I ever threw I served home cooked lasagna with a beautiful baby greens salad. I made fresh
    Bruschetta to serve over toasted sliced baguette. And found huge strawberries with the stems still attached from a farmers market, they made the table so pretty ♥️

  11. Judy Metro-Brown

    Quiches (2-3)
    Fruit salad or Fruit tart
    Crescents or biscuits

  12. Ashley Swann Balderson

    The last little dinner party we had I made bacon dip and served with crackers, then I did a charcuterie board l, a fruit tray and a dessert board.

    Bacon dip

    1 block of cream cheese
    Small container of sour cream
    Worcestershire sauce – to taste
    Grated parm – like maybe half the bottle
    Garlic powder
    Onion powder
    Bag of bacon crumbles (sometimes I make my own)
    Green onion (as much or little as you like)

    Warm the cream cheese and sour cream, mix all ingredients together, place in oven until bubble or keep in a small crock pot. My fav is with pita chips or the pretzel flips

  13. I made chicken spaghetti and spaghetti with salad for my daughter’s baby shower. It’s cheap and feeds a lot of poeple

  14. Brooke Blackwell

    What time is the baby shower? I did a bridal brunch for fairly cheap. We did shrimp + grits with chicken and waffles. Recipes were easy and it looked/seemed bougie. Cooked shrimp and grits then put them in crock pot to stay warm. Got mini waffles and cooked them in the oven and frozen popcorn chicken in the air fryer, put them together with toothpicks.

  15. Raegan Hermann

    I made my own cupcakes, duck cookies and cake pops. Cookie cake ordered from Sam’s.

    Not pictures were the meatballs and weenies in Crock pots

  16. For my baby shower I had a sandwich bar. We did chicken salad, egg salad, and ham salad all on croissants! Then we also had a fruit table and a table with all kinds of dips. We did Buffalo chicken dip, spinach dip, and a sausage dip! So simple and easy! It was all a huge hit!! I also made up some goody bags with candy in them!

  17. Peggy Pudenz Roth

    If breakfast make a coffee cake. Super inexpensive but delicious and goes a long way.

  18. Molly Vardaman Foss

    Toss in the crockpot: bag of frozen meatballs, a jar of apricot jelly, and jar of bbq sauce. Sounds strange, but SO good

  19. MaryJo Gabrielle

    This post 👌🏻 you can take potatoes and slice them, put them on a baking sheet, add butter, salt, pepper, onion powder, sharp shredded cheese, bacon pieces, bake at 350 for 35 to 45 min. You can dip in sour cream.. it’s always a big hit!

    Or get shot glasses fill them with tomato soup, make grilled cheese and cut them in fours. Stick one forth on the shot glass of tomato soup.

    You can get street taco shells and do mini tacos for pretty cheap.

    Fancy sandwiches are always a hit too. Make up a sandwich and use cookie cutters to shape.

    Sliders of any kind. I use nuggets and rolls to make chicken sliders. Add a pickle stick a tooth pick in it.

    That’s pretty much all I have. Sorry it’s not more! Best of luck!!!

  20. Homemade Manwich
    3 ingredients plus bread/rolls

    3lb. ground beef
    2 bottles of chilli sauce
    1 bottle of barbecue any flavor you like
    (I get original) (my mom likes honey)

    How to make:
    Brown the ground beef
    Drain all the grease out
    Dump the Chilli Sauce and Barbecue sauce in, and heat up

    Put on a roll or bread and enjoy

  21. Melissa Looper Cobb

    My sister had a baby shower in May. One of the things that they had was a pesto pasta salad. I think it had mozzarella pearls, and sun dried tomatoes. I don’t have the recipe but I bet you could find something similar on Pinterest. It was very good, and seemed easy to make.

  22. 7-minute stuffed mushrooms. Grab a giant thing of spinach artichoke dip from Sam’s club and whole mushrooms.
    Wash/peel/destem mushrooms and brush with olive oil on the outside. Scoop spinach artichoke dip into them. Tip with mozzarella, and air fry for 7 minutes.

  23. Cheryl Cabana Clark

    I assume it’s not a meal but more snacks/appetizers??
    I like to do 3 easy but impressive pizzas. Always a big hit.
    Shrimp Cocktail cold pizza ad a BLT Cold Pizza and a Fruit Pizza on sugar cookie crust.
    Shrimp Cocktail Pizza
    Roll out & bake a refrigerator pizza crust as directions on package or get ready made thin crust.When cooled cover with cream cheese, cover that with bottle of cocktail sauce, then either 2 cans drained tiny salad shrimp or a bag of thawed cover with shredded lettuce and diced tiny green onions… refrigerate until ready to serve.

  24. Amber Haughton

    We did a brunch theme for my sister was super easy and looked great! Mini bagels mini donuts different pastries. Croissant sandwiches and pinwheels, yogurt parfait bar and a mimosa bar

  25. Sabrina Carter

    Kabobs are great and look super fancy. I did a pack of stew meat, pepers, onion, zucchini. And then chicken with the same veggies. Each kabob had 4 chunks of meat and then the veggies and everyone loved them. I cooked the meat in a skillet and all the veggies in a different skillet. Let them cool, stacked the skewers, and then just threw them in the over for a few to warm them up before serving them. It was a cheap way to feed a party of 20 people. Lol

  26. Carol Cortright

    Cut different sandwiches into 4 little sandwiches I did chicken ham salad peanut and butter and egg salad

  27. Sarah Hatfield

    Love the idea of a taco bar! Have all the fixings out and everyone can make them how they like.

  28. Fruit basket made out of a watermelon that looks like a bassinet. Scoop watermelon out and add scoops of grapes and canteloupe. Soooo cute!

  29. Ashley Derstine

    Pinwheel wraps get some chipotle and spinach torts ham and turkey some veggie or herb cream cheese(there are soooooo many good ones now you can try) roll em up and cut like you would and cinnamon roll. Pretty and so yum

  30. I do sweet and sour meatballs. You can by the kind in a bag. I just prefer my own. If you get the bagged I suggest you stay away from the Italian seasoned ones. Depe ding on how many you are cooking for I just add more sauce. I use a can of cut pineapple including juice, a small box of chicken broth, 1/4 to 1/2c brown sugar, soy sauce, vinegar..1 onion, 1 to 2 peppers I like the little sweet one so usually about 8 of those. Close to the end of heating everything thru if you want to thicken the sauce i just blend in some corn starch.

  31. Wrap little smokies in crescent roll dough. Leave a little bit of the smokie unwrapped to look like a baby,s face in a blanket. So adorable and delicious

  32. Get some dinner rolls, cheese, cooked mince chicken in tomato sauce or deli meats
    slice the dinner roll, put the bottoms on the pan, layer the cheese, meats, cheese, meats then tops and bake for like 10 – 15 minutes, pass a knife to cut out the sandwiches… they loved it for my baby shower, they’ll love it for yours

  33. I went to a baby shower where they did pulled pork, pasta salad, and potato salad and I thought it was an awesome choice

  34. Dianne Ellenberger

    Egg salad or cucumber cream cheese mini sandwiches made with Hawaiian rolls. Tray of fresh fruit and a vegetable tray. Mini cupcakes for dessert. Mints and nuts and punch.

  35. Jennifer McQueen

    I made chicken salad on croissants for my daughters baby shower and everyone loved them
    Canned chicken
    Salt and pepper
    And purple grapes cut in half

  36. Larissa Neustrom

    Gotta say, I love this. 🤣👌
    Bacon ranch pinwheels are really good finger food!
    You just need:
    Tortillas, ranch, cream cheese, bacon, chives, shredded cheese. Slap it all on a tortilla. Roll it up and slice it up. Toothpicks help pieces stay together nice. You could do fruit or veggie tray on the side and cookies

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