Hi there from Dallas, Texas United states. Just bought concluded correcting up my side patio but it is…

Good day from Dallas, Texas United states. Just bought completed fixing up my side patio but it is as well sizzling to sit out there except quite early in the morning with my coffee. The environmentally friendly crops in the soil are from wildflower seeds I planted in April and I positive hope they bloom this summer months. The see is from my living home windows so at the very least I can seem out at the patio.…until Autumn!! When it is cooler I’ll be out there with a glass of wine. Everyone acquire care and get pleasure from your summers, where ever you could be! BTW, that very little stepping stone says, “A residence without a canine is just a house”.

thank for the first creator Joan Saltsberg

47 thoughts on “Hi there from Dallas, Texas United states. Just bought concluded correcting up my side patio but it is…”

  1. Love it all! Hello from Pennsylvania! It is near 90 here today so yes we will be waiting till dusk to be out of doors as well

  2. Kathy Smith Gayda

    Beautiful space, hope you can get outside and enjoy it soon! Hi from Buffalo Grove IL.

  3. My daughter will be moving to Dallas so I am sure I will
    be visiting!! Hello from New Jersey

  4. Looks so comfy! I have the same issue with my little deck in New Jersey. Not enough shade so quite hot in the summer!

  5. Susan Palmer Peiper

    Beautiful view ‼️
    Soon to visit our family in Dallas … Darn it’s hotter there than here in Florida 😎

  6. Lois Cunningham

    Hello 👋👋 Dallas Texas from Ontario, Canada and may God bless you always.Your view is wonderful

  7. Ellen Bohm Weber

    Love your view and the saying! We’ll be in Dallas very soon to visit family! Hi from Los Angeles CA

  8. Aylene Rhodes Lambiotte

    Nice job on your comfy space..as for the stepping stone..love it..what is life without a dog? I have 2 rescues..hello from Virginia

  9. Patsy Alligood

    Great place to relax ! The weather is the same here in Georgia , to hot and muggy to be outside during the day !

  10. Pam Albers Hargis

    And that little stepping stone would be correct! Greetings from just north of you in Oklahoma

  11. Hello from Ottawa, Ontario !
    You’ve got a great spot there and I like your taste in carpets – I have the same 😁

  12. Kathy Simon Sterlace

    Just drove through your town last week … what a challenge if one doesn’t know where they’re going, LOL. Love your little oasis. Greetings from Wildwood Florida

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