Hi from Oklahoma Town, Oklahoma, Usa. This is the look at from my patio door – n…

Hi from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Usa. This is the see from my patio door – practically nothing extravagant. Most of the home furniture and planters ended up all “located products” that some others had been discarding, but that allowed me to piece collectively a minimal sanctuary in my again yard. Plenty of birds, squirrels, raccoons, opposums, skunks, and even a fox, pass by below. There is a lake at the end of my street, so that appeals to a whole lot of wildlife.
At present savoring my early morning coffee out listed here, getting serenaded by the birds and enjoying seeking at your shots and tales shared in this article.

thank for the authentic creator Linda Kipf

41 thoughts on “Hi from Oklahoma Town, Oklahoma, Usa. This is the look at from my patio door – n…”

  1. I’m a big yard sale and estate sale shopper. Unique pieces often and it keeps things out of landfills. Paint usually brings them back to life, doesn’t it. Colorado USA

  2. That’s a huge yard! We have teeny tiny here. From the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.

  3. Becky Pinkerton MacMillan

    Lovely. Good morning from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Too hot already to enjoy the morning outside. 🙂

  4. Looks great, love the look, my kind of peace! Have a good day, thanks for sharing ! Greetings from Manitoba Canada.❤️

  5. Cindy Barnes Erdmann

    What is the big tree, it beautiful. I am all about reusing, it’s very eclectic. Artsy.

  6. Shirley de Jager

    Hello from the beautiful city of Cape Town South Africa. It is winter here and we are in a winter rainfall area so some days are beautiful and sunny and others are grey and cloudy. 🌺🌺🌺

  7. Jeannie Alford Hagy

    I lived in OKC for 45 years. We moved to Springfield, Oregon a few years ago to be closer to our children and grandchildren. I like it here, but Oklahoma is still home, and I miss it, crazy weather and all!

  8. We’re actually sharing coffee while scrolling through this internet site. I’m sitting here on my deck raising my cup to you with the same morning sun ☀️ shining on our faces. Have a great day, from Franklin, Wisconsin.

  9. Jeanann Franklin

    Love the tree and the peaceful atmosphere! I grew up just west of OKC before moving to St Louis and now retired in Branson, MO. With family still in your area, Oklahoma is still home to us.

  10. Cindy Bimemiller Lovesy

    Love that you are reusing discarded things! We buy too much and it all eventually ends up in the land fill. All about helping to save the planet. Your yard looks so inviting and peaceful . Hello from San Pablo California

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