Hi from a little region city called Gunalda in Queensland Australia. This is…

Hello from a minimal place town known as Gunalda in Queensland Australia. This is the see from our lounge and bedrooms. We bought our farmhouse 5yrs ago immediately after dwelling in the suburbs along the coastline of Victoria. The h2o bought me on this 76acre property. It is in fact our dam which is 27acres in itself, I like to simply call it my lake. We named it ‘Loch Hygge’ as I am Scottish and my spouse is Danish. We have many black swans that reside and breed right here and hundreds of ducks. It’s so really and tranquil. I am this sort of a homebody so pottering around it can make me come to feel information. Our closest city is Gympie which is a famed gold mining town recognized as the city that saved Queensland 💛. Thankyou every person for sharing your gorgeous views. I really like currently being in a position to see your globe by these photos….can make me come to feel closer to every person in some way ❣️😊

thank for the authentic creator Debbie Baltzer

48 thoughts on “Hi from a little region city called Gunalda in Queensland Australia. This is…”

  1. Just down the road from Hervey Bay where I live. You’ve got yourself a nice bit of country there

  2. Mary Jane Kelso

    Love seeing everyone’s little corner of the world. Hello from the mountains of southern California.

  3. LaVeen Fowler Rowe

    Wow!🤩. Your own private lake!! Awesome. Hello from Oregon, USA 🌲🦅🏔🌹🦌

  4. Hello from Massachusetts Debbie! Thank you for sharing your lovely view. Wishing you and your family all the best!

  5. Kathy Motherwell Morry

    How beautiful!!! This would be a dream to own. Blessings from Northern California, USA🇺🇸

  6. Sanne Nørbjerg Larsen

    Very beautiful 🥰 I totally agree, this page also makes me feel closer to the whole world 🥰 from Aarhus, Denmark

  7. Susan Ramsey-Johnson

    So peaceful..lovely! Sending world peace wishes from the Chicago area USA 🇺🇸🇺🇦

  8. Kate Mason Vickery

    I’m Canadian and my husband is an Aussie, actually a Sydney-sider (Northern Suburbs). We make the trip down under every couple years, as most of his family is there (in and around Sydney, plus up Brisbane way), and we love driving through the farm lands and the country towns! I know that we’ve seen the signs for Gympie, and I think we’ve likely been through Gunalda!

  9. Hi Debbie, I live just up the road in Glenwood. We do not have a dam and only 1.5 acres but I love it. 😸

  10. Catherine Morrisey

    Fascinating! How marvellous to have black swans! Greetings from London, Ontario, Canada

  11. What a perfect name: Loch Hygge. Hello from Texas, USA. (I lived in Scotland for a year – loved it there.)

  12. Sheila Ewing Browne

    Beautiful and peaceful view! Hello from Gunnison, Colorado USA. We live at 8000 feet in the mountains. These are our Belted Galloway cattle. This spring.

  13. Such a peaceful view! I’m like you, I’d stay home and enjoy the scenery. Greetings from Manhattan, Kansas, USA! 🌻

  14. Lisa Michelle Cowe

    Love the name of “your” loch! It perfectly marries both nationalities. Hi from a fellow Scot and also lived in Denmark 🤗

  15. Meg Campbell Tharp

    t’s a beautiful view and from your description of the property, it sounds like a lovely place to live. Loved visiting Australia (NSW & WA) six different times. Best to you for many years of happiness in your home from Philadelphiia, PA, USA.

  16. Thank you for sharing part of your property! So glad you are content – thanks for sharing from Walnut Creek, CA

  17. Beautiful, looking forward to at last be travelling back to Australia visiting my brother in Perth and one of my best friends in Palmwoods QLD. Hi fro Matzenbach in Germany

  18. Martha McKeen Viets

    So happy for your new place of peace and puttering. The water would have been a very big plus for me as well ☺️👍 Greetings from Kent, Ohio 🙋

  19. Jennifer Seaver

    Like you, I love looking at pictures from all over the world. G’day from Pennsylvania, USA. We visited Australia a couple of times and found everyone to be very helpful and kind.

  20. Anne Dimopoulos

    Yes, it’s wonderful to see and share all these wonderful views and stories. This is a lovely spot and I envy your water features and the wildlife! From Wisconsin US

  21. Absolutely gorgeous view. Would love to live near water. Hi from the dry 🏜️ desert of Tucson Arizona USA

  22. Lois Cunningham

    Greetings Australia from Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦 and may God bless you always. Your view is wonderful and looks amazing, no wonder you want to be out there

  23. Absolutely beautiful, I completely understand why you could potter around all day every day, what a tranquil lovely home you have 🥰 I’ve passed through Gympie on my travels, wonderful part of Aus! Thank you so much for sharing ❤️ greetings and best wishes from Manchester UK 👋x

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