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How do you make a stir fry I especially need

Hi everyone, a little embarrassed to admit but i have literally no understanding…

Hi everyone, a little embarrassed to admit but i have literally no understanding of cooking, what are some super simple and hella cheap things that even children could cook that you’d recommend? I’ve just been going out to eat and ordering food for years and want to change that

thank for the original creator Branden Rousselle

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  1. Super easy and cheap my version of Spanish rice. Brown hamburger at instant rice and rotel and water cook until rice is done. I add cheese bc my kids love it that way.

  2. Lou LeBlanc-Shaw

    Practice with following directions on simply recipes. Avoid cooking on high temperatures unless boiling water. Watch cooking shows (not gourmet) and watch YouTube videos. Learn to measure out ingredients until your a seasoned cook (no measuring from the heart until you have perfected the dish). Once you get the hang of it, it will be worth it. Nothing tastes better than a good meal prepared with love.

  3. My favorite easy meal is sirloin burger and rice. 1.5 c. Minute rice, 1.5 c. Water, 5-7 minutes in the microwave. Looking for the rice to not move when you tilt the bowl. Dump a can of Campbells chunky sirloin burger soup on top. Microwave another minute, mix up and salt and pepper to taste.

  4. Many cream soups have recipes on them and make good bases. Also Lipton onion soup and onion beef soup have good recipes for meat loaf, pot roast, etc. with such help, you can cook for company even!

  5. Kristina Haines

    Taco mac-n-cheese. 2 boxes of shells and cheese. 1-2 cans Rotel, taco seasoning, 1lb hamburger. Brown hamburger make mac-n-cheese according to box. Add taco seasoning and rotel to hamburger. Cook for a few minutes add all together

  6. Stir fry! First thing I would make on my own and felt like a good meal. You can cut up and cook the meat first in the pan then add veggies or whatever you want. I would make a bag of minute rice on the side then add and mix together. Drizzle with some teriyaki and soy sauce!

  7. Chareale McCarthy

    Breakfast for any mealtime is easy, fast & good! Scramble eggs, toast, and sausage(the frozen patties from Walmart that are precooked are super easy to heat in a skillet or microwave).
    Eggroll in a bowl: 1lb ground sausage, 1 to 2 eggs scrambled, 1 bag cabbage slaw mix. Cook eggs 1st. Brown sausage. Toss in bag of slaw mix. Add sesame oil(or extra virgin olive oil). Add soy sauce, pinch of sugar(brown or white), garlic powder. Can change it up with onions(green, yellow, sweet, red– which ever you prefer). Cook until cabbage is soften some then add back eggs. This makes a lot & is very filling. So if you don’t like leftovers then only use 1/2 the sausage, eggs, & slaw mix.
    Baked rice & chicken is super easy oven dish. Regular white rice (about 1 cup uncooked)in bottom if glass casserole dish. Cream of chicken soup(or whatever flavor you prefer) with 1 soup can of water. Boneless or bone in chicken thighs placed on top of rice. Season top of chicken with season of choice(we like Tony’s). Bake in oven until chicken is done….. use a meat thermometer to check. Serve with salad, green beans, peas, fresh veggies etc on the side.

  8. My lazy go tos are pasta, sandwiches or grilled cheese with soup (for lazy grilled cheese you could use burger buns or mini buns and pour butter over top and cook in the oven. Can add meat and pickles if you want it a bit heavier), as well as pan cook pork chops with rice and roasted broc (cut broc, add oil garlic and season, bake and flip halfway)

  9. Cook small batches, and you can tweak differently for next time, as desired, or toss completely.

  10. Cook any pasta in boiling water. Use any canned or microwavable veggies you like (cook them too). Mix it all in a bowl with butter or oil and what ever seasonings (garlic, Italian seasoning, salt n pepper). Done. You can add chunks of chicken or mini shrimp if you’d like too (they even sell precooked). Sprinkle with parm cheese

  11. Aside from recipes, I would also watch some of the “simple” cooks on TV. I learned a lot of basic tricks from watching the-drying meat off before browning, letting meat rest for a period of time after cooking to reabsorb the juices,… . I’m not much of a cook, but I have improved. I also agree that if you can read a recipe, you can cook. Also, expect it to become more natural for you as you continue to do it. I have been forced to cook and got better at it.

  12. Crock pot set it and forget it recipes will save you. Also the microwavable steam bags of veggies are great.

  13. I love the crock pot for roasts. Literally put the roast in, Italian seasoning, apple juice, water but just enough, about an inch on the bottom. I flip it every 1 to 2 hours. Its a good weekend meal. Frozen meatballs with a jar of grape jelly, and about half of Frank’s sweet heat? Serve with rice.
    Nothing wrong with breakfast for dinner, if youre just starting out, pancake mix were you just add water. Cheap and filling. Throw some fruit on the plate, done!
    In the spice aisle of the grocery store, they have helper packages, gravy, sheppards pie mix, roast seasoning, taco seasoning etc, great way to start off. A little high in sodium, but so is eating out.
    Taco and fajita kits, kids love it, if you make extra meat, nachos or taco pizza the next day!
    Have fun, start slow.
    “Epicure”, no I don’t sell it, they have many packages, seasonings for 30 minute meals, healthier, low sodium options, and comfort food options. I put their guacamole seasoning on almost everything, lol.

  14. Carol C. Murphree

    Search for simple step recipes. Google, YouTube, etc. it really is as simple as building a shelf, step by step.

  15. Andrea Figura-Ritter

    Absolutely okay and cooking is a learning process so I would start simple . Do you like sandwiches? You could start with bread and your favorite lunch meats . Do you like quesadillas ? They have a quesadilla maker where you can buy the tortilla shells , already cooked chicken strips and cheese . A simple meal I make is chicken Brest or thins in the toaster oven I’ll marinate it with a marinate from the store or just put spices on it then look on Google to see how long to cook . In the frozen section they have steam bags of potato’s , veggies. I am not the best cook at all . Good luck on your new cooking adventure.

  16. Breakfast: frozen waffles, syrup, banana
    Lunch: sandwich (bread, meat, cheese, mayo) and chips
    Dinner: ramen cooked in microwave, canned chicken on top, Alfredo sauce poured on…warm all together in microwave once mixed. One head of lettuce and ranch dressing for salad 👌

  17. When my kids were little, the first thing they learned to make was canned tomato soup and grilled cheese. Then scrambled eggs, then enchiladas. I taught them about spices by telling them spices were either SAND (a lot) or nitroglycerin (a little). It always made us laugh! There is a great cookbook by Betty Crocker (I think??) called cooking for kids. The best advice I can give is to remember to write down what you did and to give yourself grace. My kids used to say when they messed up the meal “The trash can is hungry too”.

  18. Quesadillas – tortilla on a pan, cheese & cooked meat, another tortilla, flip when cheese is melted and both sides browned

    Instant mashed potatoes and ground beef cooked in pan, add shredded cheese

  19. With they way the net is these days there’s some really good step by step cooking tutorials well worth checking out

  20. Kelly Fisher Murphree

    Chicken and Rice .. boil chicken in chicken broth salt ( taste the broth before adding salt maybe be salty enough) and pepper boil chicken remove shred chicken do boil bag rice .. boil in broth remove when done put in pot add broth cream chicken soup stir and make sure it is moist . Add shredded chicken you make have to add some more broth if it’s dry . ( I sometimes add a 1/2 cup or so of sour cream . .. enjoy

  21. Eggs are a good starting point. Not too costly, versatile, should be a staple in your kitchen.
    Scrambled ( everyone has a different method, I whisk three eggs, add a touch of water, a LOT of butter, pour into warm nonstick skillet ( iron is tastier, but starting out, nonstick is easier) add salt and pepper to taste. Cook medium-low to low ( depending on you stove ) occasionally pushing the eggs around. When they look almost done, but still a bit “wet” turn off burner. Remove from pan about a minute later.

  22. Heather Massese

    Tray bakes are awesome. Meat and veg on one tray with some flavouring, done!

    Slow cooker meals where you dump ingredients in and walk away. There are amazing recipes for these and slow cookers won’t warm your house up too much.

    If you don’t mind some simple steps then salads are good. For example: lettuce, tomato, avocado, bacon, croutons, grated parmesan, hard boiled egg, corn kernels. Pan fry some crumbed chicken and slice for the top and whatever dressing you like. Lots of ingredients but not scary, you can do it!

  23. Jenifer Carter

    Cook up a box of mac and cheese. Add canned tuna or chicken as well as some peas to it; heat up frozen fish or chicken tenders as well as type of fry in the oven or an air fryer.

  24. I love crockpot meals! We are a busy family. It makes it a little easier🙂 Pinterest has helped alot with different recipes and ideas.

  25. Julie Ann Olson

    Don’t try to go all in at once. Start with a goal of cooking 2 dinners a week. Find some easy recipes that you and your family would like (lots of good suggestions here on how to find them). Get comfortable making a few recipes and increase your goal to cooking 3 dinners a week. Gradually increase the amount of cooking each week as your skills increase, until you are where you want to be.

  26. Jalapeno popper chicken, just jalapeños seeded, cut up chicken breast, bacon, cream cheese, and shredded cheese. Mix all together and bake at 400 for 30 min. Great in wraps

  27. Denise M. Woosley

    IMO pasta is the easiest meal to make. Boil noodles, follow the directions on the box, once drained pour in your favorite pasta sauce & eat!
    You can even buy bags of pre grilled chicken and add that to it too if you’d like.

  28. Scrambled eggs and toast is a good easy breakfast. I like to buy the frozen hashbrown patties too to go with. I stick mine in the air fryer but they coik fine in the microwave.

  29. I want to say you are awesome for learning to cook. You will feel so proud when you do your own food and it tastes good as you relax at home and save money too. When you mess up, laugh and keep a sense of humor and try try again. You will SUCCEED ❣

  30. Sara James Duncan

    Chicken taco soup! This is my FAVORITE recipe that lasts FOREVER. You can freeze what you don’t eat and thaw it then microwave it later. It’s so ridiculously easy to make and it’s super hearty.

    If you have a crockpot, put two or three chicken breasts on low heat and cover them with water. In about 7-8 hours, take the chicken breast out and pull it apart with forks. Dump the water, maybe do a little rinse of the crockpot to get some of the stuff off the sides.
    Put the shredded chicken back in the crockpot, add two (undrained) cans of corn, two cans of black beans, a can of Rotel (diced tomatoes and green chilies), about half a packet of taco seasoning, and a cup of water. Stir it all up. Put crockpot on high heat.
    Add a bit of sour cream to your personal serving to make it creamy and imitate a cheesy flavor. Do NOT add shredded cheese because it makes it stringy.

    I hope you enjoy!

  31. The internet and Pinterest are great helps. I do like actual cookbooks because I’m old. I have a five ingredient fix it and forget it Crock-Pot cookbook. It has a lot of easy recipes in it.

    I also like rounding up 1 lb of ground meat, drain. Then I put in elbow macaroni(1/2 cup to 1 cup), a can of tomato sauce, a can of diced tomato, teaspoon of oregano and a teaspoon of Italian seasoning. Cook until the macaroni is done. If you want you can put some of your favorite cheese on top.

  32. Pam Fisher Stucker

    Scrambled eggs is the most simple food to start cooking. Just spray some cooking spray in a skillet or use a small amount of butter. Crack the eggs in skillet and move eggs around until they are done.

  33. Micki Oliver Basile

    There are some great suggestions here. One item I made sure my boys had when they moved out on there own was a meat thermometer. A meat thermometer will save you from guessing when chicken, pork or beef is cooked properly. One huge stress when cooking is knowing when meat is done. A meat thermometer will save you from eating over/undercooked meat!
    Another great suggestion is an air fryer!!

  34. Buy a Fix It and Forget It cookbook from Amazon or a book store. They have so many simple recipes for all kinds of meats that you just throw in the crockpot in the morning and its ready to eat when you get home. I think there are also cookbooks out there called 5 Ingredients or Less that don’t take long to fix a meal. Start by buying seasonings to help add flavor to anything. Dried onion flakes, garlic powder, steak seasoning, chili powder, etc.

  35. Anita Ward Mancuso

    My suggestion as I literally ate cold cuts, tuna & salads. My hubby cooked when I met him, his mom was a fantastic cook. I had her teach me how to make a couple of things that my hubby likes sauce, meatballs. Then when she would make something new I’d ask her to show me. If you have a friend or family that can show you how they do a couple of dishes it is nice bc you have someone there to guide you. I also learned a lot watching the cooking channel.

  36. Shirley Matyak

    Boil in a bag omelettes. Get a medium sauce pan with about 3 inches of water on the stove heating up. Beat a few eggs with a fork. Use a small glass to hold your resealable freezer bags. Pour a 1/2 to 3/4 cup of the eggs in it. Add shredded cheese, onions, peppers, real bacon bits. Pretty much anything as long as the meat is already cooked. Close bag removing most of the air. Put in the pan of simmering/gently boiling water for about 12-15 minutes. Remove carefully and slide out of bag. Good thing about this you can make each one with different ingredients. You can boil them all together so they will all be ready at the same time.

  37. Sweetie, if you can read, you can cook! Google something you enjoy, find a recipe that you have the basic ingredients for, and work your magic! To me a recipe is not ‘carved in stone’. I use them for a rough draft of the final project. Cook with your heart! If you think something will taste better with onions, for instance, and a recipe doesn’t call for them, by all means add onion!! Do this with spices, flavorings, meats, veggies, pretty much anything. You are creating this masterpiece, not the original author. Tweak everything to your flavor. If you aren’t super happy with the finished project, keep in mind for next time what you need to do to make it better. Experiment and play!! Cooking and creating is fun, and can be very therapeutic. You do you, and feel free to improvise, add, subtract, and change things up so it is exactly how you want it!!! Pull that kitchen magic out of your soul and don’t be afraid to try 🤗🤗🤗 you got this!!!! ❤

  38. Brooklynn Michelle

    Quesadillas, grilled cheese, boxed mac n cheese, instant potatoes, rice, buttered noodles, roasted vegetables. I got my brother a 5 ingredient college cookbook from Amazon and he’s like a pro now. You got this!

  39. Start with simple things that sound good. When I first moved out I wanted to have stir fry so I bought premade stir fry sauce and a bag of frozen mixed veggies and noodles (because I didn’t like cooking rice). I also bought boneless skinless chicken and cut it up small.

    I love chicken souvlaki, so with that same boneless skinless chicken, I cut it up small, bought tzatziki, pita bread and made a Greek salad. And bought the salad dressing

    Chili is also easy, I buy canned beans and canned tomatoes. It does need a bit a sweetness to reduce the acidity of the tomatoes, so just a but of brown sugar works well.

  40. Start out simple. Some things my daughter makes are grilled cheese, pancakes, scrambled eggs. The pancakes can be the box kind where you just add water. Once you get comfortable with a few things add something else.

  41. Nikki Shiverdecker

    Not food suggestions. Just some general advice from when I started cooking more If a recipe says let sit for so long follow it! Cooking is about patience. Measurements are the most important when baking but regular food making has wiggle room!

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