hi any idea of what to make with these I

hi! any idea of what to make with these? I don’t care for their taste by themsel…

hi! any idea of what to make with these? I don’t care for their taste by themselves and was hoping maybe you guys have some ideas 😊

thank for the original creator Cassidy Jornigan

43 thoughts on “hi! any idea of what to make with these? I don’t care for their taste by themsel…”

  1. Alexandria Ringer

    Me and my kids put some adobo and pepper in a pot with them and boil them! They are amazing 😂

  2. My husband slices them and cooks in frying pan with Sauzon. Different kind of home fries.

  3. Fawn Maria Walden

    Drain and rinse them in warm water. That will get rid of the can taste. Slice them fry them with onions.

  4. Megan Casteen Craig

    My dad used to take canned potatoes, green beans, and kielbasa and microwave (or boil on the stove) them together for a quick, cheap meal. He usually either used the green bean juice or some water with bouillon. It was actually really good. I still make it occasionally when I think about it and want something easy/cheap/comforting.

  5. Kelly Crabb Snow

    We make a white sauce, throw these and some French cut green beans in and it makes a great side dish.

  6. Scramble some eggs with ham, mushroom’s and onions and slice the potatoes up and fry them with it…..Add shredded cheese when you get it on your plate. 🤤👍👍👍

  7. Michelle Carlisle

    Drain, cut in half, add a half stick of unsalted butter, salt, pepper, a hit of garlic powder and some parmesan cheese😋

  8. Michelle Kvatek

    I smash them individually with a cup melt butter add garlic powder, salt better and drizzle over and back until crisp.. can’t tell they were canned

  9. Laura Lou McIntosh

    My grandma used to fry them with onions. Delicious. My mom used to slice them and put them into green beans with some bacon and onion. Also delicious.

  10. I love making breakfast potatoes with these, they are also tasty in curry! Also I find with any canned veggies it helps to rinse them well to get rid of the tinny taste 😁

  11. Slice them up and fry them like fried potatoes and mix in a few eggs and put cheese in it! Delicious!

  12. Danny Lisa Davis

    I put them in the crockpot with beef or pork a couple hours before meat is done. I don’t always have fresh potatoes on hand. We love them.

  13. Maryanne Myers

    My son loves these with crumbled bacon, butter and a shake of parsley
    Easy and very tasty

  14. Air fryer, with butter and seasoning..onion powder, salt, garlic powder, parsley…could use a bit of steak spice instead….air fry…so good

  15. Michele Riccio

    I roast them in the oven, 350°, drizzle with oil or cooking spray, toss with a packet of onion soup mix and red pepper flake. Cook until nice and brown

  16. Bailey Lynn Stuckey

    I love just putting butter, salt and pepper on them and chowing down. One of my favorite comfort foods

  17. Throw them on the stove with a lil bit of milk, butter and some garlic salt and some Italian seasonings.. add a smidgen of flour and mix and you got gravy potatoes..

  18. Cristina Veneron

    Drain the potatoes, put in a 8*8 pan with some olive oil, paprika,garlic powder,onion powder and oregano cover with foil bake on 350 for 30 minutes.

  19. Tabitha Marie Eis

    I fry them with seasoning pan or air fryer they are amazing with breakfast too. It takes longer to get them crispy because they are saturated with water.

  20. These, chicken breast, veggies. Cover with cream of mushroom soup and bake. It’s very good!!

  21. Pam Taylor Lewandowski

    Slice them. Then saute in a pan w/ onions, garlic & salt/pepper. Maybe sprinkle a little cheese towards the end.

  22. I put them with green beans with a little honey onion seasoning salt and pepper Drain juice and some butter and they are delicious

  23. Kelly Underwood

    I make potato soup out of canned potatoes or put them in vegetable beef soup diced up.

  24. Bethany Anderson

    I fry them up in butter with garlic and onion. Some salt too. Add cheese. I’ll make breakfast burritos with that mix or just serve as a side

  25. Jessica Deer Simmons

    We use them in foil packs on the grill. Piece of foil, add meat hamburger or chicken (seasonings to your liking), veggies of your liking and then those potatoes sliced up, maybe add a little butter to keep it from sticking. Put it on the grill until it is thoroughly cooked.

  26. Sue Shipperbottom Pluthero

    Frying pan with a little oil, chopped green onions and seasoning salt. So good.

  27. Slice them and put them in a casserole dish in the oven with onion, dry ranch, butter and shredded cheese! You won’t be disappointed

  28. I put tin foil in a baking pan throw those in there put butter , salt and pepper on them then bake it until the edges he a little brown and my butter is melted!

  29. Pat Bussell Rediehs

    Pan fry in some bacon fat or butter with just a bit of salt and pepper until the edges are brown and crispy.

  30. One of my friends slices them and adds onion and fries them. You could add smoked sausage or ham chunks also

  31. Kinsey Hawking

    8 thick sausages, an onion diced, minced garlic, a 400g tin of tomatoes, 3tbsp tomato paste, smoked paprika to taste and 250g sour cream

    Cook your sausage and onion in garlic til mostly cooked, add in your tomatoes and tomato paste and potato (I cut the bigger ones in half) I let it cook a little more and then add in my sour cream, stir that through and then add in the smoked paprika and let it simmer a little.

  32. Drain them cut in somewhat smaller pieces
    Add a can of green beans and a little bit of that canned water … fry it up with the seasonings you want

  33. Anything we have put them in soup I made potato salad out of the sliced kind yesterday heat them up and mashed them like you would for mashed potatoes

  34. We use in green beans like Stefanie Brown also slice 3 or 4 cans out in large pan with chopped onion when it’s tender add a can of great value corn beef home made hash eat with bread and butter or whatever

  35. My mom uses these to make mashed potatoes. Drain, then heat with some milk and butter. Mash well and add a little cheese.

  36. Chelsea Wilson

    We drain and rinse throughly. Then slice or cube them and put in chili’s or soups or also fry them in a pan with seasoning

  37. Carol Cartwright

    Home fries. Fry onion a little then add diced potatoes> I make mine bite sized. Add chilli powder, curry powder and paprika. Stir well and then press into the bottom of the pan to give them a good sear.

  38. Megan Roberson

    I use them in my loaded baked potato soup
    I do 4 cans in the crockpot with seasonings, a block of cream cheese, a cup of heavy cream, 1 can of cream of chicken, a cup of shredded cheese, and bacon bits on high 3 hours.
    It’s also good with shredded chicken added

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