Hi all We want to make sure that everyone know

Hi all, We want to make sure that everyone know the rules for posting. I know…

Hi all,
We want to make sure that everyone know the rules for posting. I know the list is long, but we have found that this list gives you the best chance to get positive feedback and help. It also allows for the best interactions.

thank for the original creator Nella Hanson

4 thoughts on “Hi all, We want to make sure that everyone know the rules for posting. I know…”

  1. 1. WE APPROVE EVERY POST! If you edit the post after approval and it does not still follow the rules, it may be deleted with out warning. You may also be muted or removed, depending on the editing.
    2. We do not allow endorsements or promotions of apps, websites, social media accounts or anything that takes people away from the group. This includes links, hashtags, another site, ect.
    3. All people in the photos must be completely dressed. Individual pictures of just a person for attention may not be approved.
    4. Please limit each post to 5 photos, to many photos can create confusion.
    5. No cussing in the post or comments. If you would not say it in a church or around your grandma/pa, do not say it here. We do have member as young as 13 here, please be respectful to them and everyone else.

  2. 6. No fast food, restaurant meals, “jail house specials” or take away service as main post. We want to see what you create and keep the focus on home cooked meals that other can make themselves.
    7. If you are on a “tight budget”, list what you have and let the group build around that and take the suggestions and see what fits for you. Remember that we are from around the world 40 dollars may go further in some places than others.
    8. No Financial Offers or Request – No app links, refer a friend offer, no Cashapp, PayPal or any other service like a pickup. We do not know the other people on the other side of the screen, and we do not want anyone to be scammed. Sadly, it happens a lot and sometimes they work in groups.
    9. MEME’s while they are great conversation started and fun, during high volume times they maybe limited to let other post get attention and help.
    10. Currently No Food Hauls, Pantry organization, Refrigerator or Freezer post.

  3. 11. NO POLITICS (People or institution level), COVID 19, Pandemic or Shut Down post. Again, worldwide group, things are different for everyone.
    12. Shared Content needs to be PUBLIC to be shared in this group. Please make sure it is public as if we can not review it, we can not approve it.
    13. Please do not add “no rude comments,” “don’t come for me,” “This is my fine china (paper plates)” or “please be nice” These draw the wrong kind of attention to your post and take away from your food.
    14. We are a people food group, not an animal food group. Please make sure the post is about people food.
    15. Somethings that are legal in some areas are not in others and due to new Facebook regulations and Community service terms we will not allow any post about weed, marijuana or other drug items, even if they are legal were you live.

  4. 16. Medical Conditions that require special diets should be discussed with medical professionals. Please take any suggestions you have to them before changing your diet if you have a specific restriction or dietary need.
    17. No post shaming will be allowed, this will include someone else’s post, a removed post or shared post. Remember kindness cost nothing and can mean the world to someone else.
    18. No Polls. While this is a fun Facebook feature, you can not prevent someone from adding to it. Trust us, many have gone bad. Better to ask a “This or That” kind of question.
    19. If you have a concern, just type “Admin” or “Moderator” into a comment below the one you are concerned with and it will alert us all.
    20. Videos must auto play. They maybe allowed even if they include a link if the full recipe is in the video.

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