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Hey, my fiancé mom can’t have sodium/salt, and we live with her for now. We want…

Hey, my fiancé mom can’t have sodium/salt, and we live with her for now. We want to do the diet with her so she not alone doing it, so I was just wondering what meals I can make that have no sodium/salt but taste good.

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  1. Laura Ann Riddling

    My ex-husband didn’t like salt so I became accustomed to cooking without it. Just don’t put it in the food until it’s on your plate. If you’re adding in canned veggies or cream of soups buy lower sodium.
    To adjust I used more pepper when I needed to and now I barely use salt unless it’s for eggs or a baked potato.

  2. Carol Elizabeth Sandidge Watson

    Cook as usual, don’t use salt substitutes as they aren’t healthy. A good alternative are the Mrs Dash brands. They have no salt and come in various flavors. I find quite a few choices at Walmart. Some of my favorite are the southwest chipotle, table blend, there is a chicken one I like in chicken and use in soup me. Garlic and herb blend these are a few.

  3. I did the no salt because of blood pressure problem and my dr told me to use a little salt because I deleted all of the salt my body needed just don’t use alot just a little want hurt or you’ll end up on salt pills

  4. I use Mrs Dash, Italian seasoning, garlic, onion powder and pepper and a little bit of lemon juice ( only on chicken). I also use little of Mortin’s lite salt. I have to have a very reduced sodium diet. My family can always add additional salt to their plates.

  5. Is she no or low most people are on low sodium I’m low sodium and I’ve learned to use other veggies and herbs that make such a difference the just a little pinch of salt as a flavor booster

  6. Dont add salt to your food. You can always add it after it is cooked. Garlic adds great flavor and get to know your herbs.

  7. Mrs. Dash Herb and Garlic is a good tasting substitute for salt. If I were you I would just go very light in the salt usage for cooking and DO NOT put the salt shaker on the table for use while eating. We all need a little bit of salt for the iodine in it.

  8. Jennifer Palmer

    Processed meats like lunch meat are terrible. Cook fresh unprocessed meats. Fresh herbs are so much tastier than dried. You can grow them on a sunny windowsill if you don’t have space for a garden. Chicken breast with olive oil, pepper and rosemary. Have it for dinner then slice the leftovers for sandwiches.

  9. Donna Story Miller

    Heart Healthy Diet has good recipes. It’s what I am supposed to follow. I have Congestive Heart Failure. I can’t think off top my head right now but you can look up heart healthy on Mayo Clinic website. They have some good ones.

  10. Maybe experimental little bit and see what seasonings you can put together that taste more like salt like you know you don’t have miracle a little bit of vinegar and sugar in some mayo and ya got miracle whip

  11. You can cook or make anything with no salt, we eat no salt also and I’ve found a bunch of salt free seasonings ~ yes it’s a taste adjustment 😝 but it still taste good but not salty 😉

  12. You can use pink salt, pure sea salt and lemon juice, and fresh herbs when you cook. There’s always fresh garlic, ginger, and they also come in jars and tubes if you can’t get fresh.

  13. Rachel Jackson

    not a recipe but if you get the seasonings called mrs dash they all are no salt seasoning and really good. worked for me and mom when she was alive. had the taste without the sodium

  14. I’ve always been salt sensitive (it can barely have any salt in it & to me it’ll taste like a salt lick) I’ve got a WIDE assortment of spices & seasonings. Play with different flavors to see what you like…I use a lot of granulated garlic (garlic is known to be good for you). If she’s been a heavy salt user most of her life (or if you have) it’ll take some getting used to but it’s doable. A friend of mine had to cut virtually ALL salt out of his diet. It took time but now he’s like me & can taste the salt in everything. Just experiment

  15. Ann Marie Nennig

    Hunts has nosalt tomato sauce, paste, seasoned dices tomatos I use ground turkey season it when I brown the meat add sauces an simmer it’s really good. I add onion powder and garlic to sauce as it simmers.

  16. Over time you can train your taste buds to like the taste of food, not salt. I’ve always been sensitive to salt and retain water if I eat too much so I find that I actually prefer things natural

  17. I’ve seen this at Walmart before, but I’ve never used it so I’m not sure how good it is. Does anyone know if this is a good substitute?

  18. Donna Harvey Rhodes

    I have been a heart patient for almost 10 years. What the doctors don’t say is our bodies need a little salt. I have opted for low sodium/salt foods. Read and compare labels and cook from scratch as much as possible. I use Mrs. Dash seasonings, they come in a wide variety and I make some of my own combination seasonings.

  19. I recommend checking with her doctor to see what they recommend using. My moms doctor is very helpful with things like this

  20. Brenda Bonesie Cress

    There’s some salt called no salt my grandpa used to use. It tasted just like regular salt so when he lived with us that’s what we used

  21. You can use Mrs Dash as a seasoning and other spices as well. Usually fresh foods n no lunch meats since they are loaded with salt. You get used to not having salt but it takes a while.

  22. Mickensie Wetzel

    I love the no salt seasonings at aldi. They are the generic version of mrs. dash and have many different flavors 🙂

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