Hey guys I have an abundance of Zucchini coming in

Hey guys! I have an abundance of Zucchini coming in from the neighbors garden wh…

Hey guys! I have an abundance of Zucchini coming in from the neighbors garden who is sweet enough to share their veggies and such with my family. With that being said I need any and all recipes please!

Also, if anyone has any ideas of way to freeze or preserve them longer then I’m open to suggestions! Last year a good chunk of mine ended up trashed with freezer burn and I’d really like to prevent that from happening this year if at anyway possible!

Thanks in advance!
Pic of today’s batch of zucchini’s! Peep that watermelon too 😋🤤

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  1. Karlee Nicole Bundrock

    Dice small and add to things like spaghetti sauce, taco meat, meat balls, soups. Make zucchini muffins or bread – wrap with plastic wrap & foil and freeze.

  2. I shred them and freeze in muffin tins. Transfer to baggie when frozen. Then you can do anything with them! Throw in a sauce or make a muffin!

  3. Melissa Switzer-Wright

    Zucchini, yellow squash, ground turkey all sauteed. Add as much pesto as you prefer. Delicious 😋

  4. I used to shred the zucchini, squeeze out any excess moisture and put it in freezer bags and freeze. I made homemade chocolate zucchini cake, brownies, added it to chili or a beef stew. You could also add it to casseroles.

  5. I peeled and ran mine through the food processor to shred for zucchini bread. I froze it in 2 cup packages. Then put those baggies in a bigger baggie. Freeze.

    Also, you can make the bread and muffins and freeze them.

  6. I add it shredded to eggs with cheese
    Zucchini spice muffins
    Chips in the air fryer
    Stir fry

  7. Becca Golden - Ficili

    Last year i made alot of zucchini bread 😅 You can shred them and freeze it in a ziplock bag to save them.

  8. Italian zucchini: Slice 1/4″ thick & then in halves or quarters, depending on diameter. Slice some onion. In a little olive oil, saute zucchini, onion & minced garlic until onion starts to soften. Add a can of diced tomatoes, salt (if desired), pepper and Italian seasoning. Cook until zucchini & onions are softened. Sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese when serving.

  9. Kelly Gremler Richards

    We use zucchini in meat loaf muffins. Pretty standard meat loaf recipe (meat, eggs, bread crumbs, etc.). I cannot remember how much zucchini. Maybe like a cup or two per recipe. It is yummy plus you can sneak in some healthy stuff.

  10. Amber Kristen Walp

    Fry them in flour & whatever seasoning mix . I usually use garlic salt & onion powder . Soooo good !

  11. Get a noodle maker and take the zucchini round and around on the blade and you will get curly noodles. Put a little Pat of butter in a pan, add the noodles, toss around over heat for 2 minutes. Add samt, pepper to taste. Eat with spaghetti sauce on top or enjoy with Parmesan cheese on top. Yummy.

  12. Bacon wrapped stuffed zucchini.

    12 pieces of bacon
    3 zucchini halves and middle scooped out to make little boats
    Fill with a mixture of cream cheese (8oz) 1/2 mozzarella 1/2 Parmesan, cup of frozen spinach thawed and drained, some artichoke hearts chopped (I only add like 1/4) and then season. I like a little spice so I add some crushed red pepper.
    Wrap with 2 pieces of bacon each and bake at 350 for about 40 minutes or until bacon is cooked and zucchini are fork tender

  13. I saw someone make a chocolate zucchini loaf, I would think that is one way that would store well. I know it can be frozen but I have a problem with the texture after. I guess they would be ok to put in baked goods though

  14. Slice squash very thin, slice onion very thin, put in skillet with garlic powder, basil, tajin seasoning, add 2 tablespoon butter, sautee veggies, eat, enjoy

  15. Jamie Tullis Sams

    Shred it and cook it. Drain and cool it. I freeze it in bags. But you can make a casserole using velveeta and crushed ritz crackers also a little sage. Bake it until bubbly. I also use the cooked shredded zucchini in soup. It’s really good in taco soup. Makes it thicker adds extra protein.

  16. Jolie Sadler Alongi

    I made zoodles…made pancake batter …dipped zoodles & fried. They are fritters. I like them better than just fried. It’s a fun change

  17. Fried zucchini is good also an older lady I once knew used to cut potatoes onions zucchini squash and eggplants toss in flour and fried it was really good she cut them all about the same size

  18. Lisa Wood Howard

    When I freeze..I slice and layer on parchment paper on baking sheet..place on freezer for about 30 minutes then place in freezer bags..

  19. Hubby likes it stewed with onion and a little butter. I freeze it (cover it with water to prevent freezer burn.).

  20. Fried zucchini slices (dip in egg, then dredge in seasoned flour, then shallow pan fry).
    Roast chunks of zucchini with cherry tomatoes and potatoes that are coated in olive oil, garlic and parmesan.

  21. Cut longways. Scoop out middle and dice what you scooped. Brown sausage. Add diced zucchini, corn, salt & pepper to sausage. Spoon this mix into the zucchini that was left from scooping out the centers. Bake 350° 20 minutes.

  22. Here is something I make in the summer…..chunk up zucchini, can tomatoes, onion, green peppers, celery, cabbage. I usually add about a half can of water. Cook it till veggies are tender. It depends on how much you make for the amount of veggies. I just play it by ear. Last time I added a can of rotes too

  23. Shelley Guern Parisi

    I slice them 1/2 in thickness and fry them in olive oil until desired crispness, we top our pasta with the fried zucchini and it’s delicious!

  24. I like it cut up and cooked with diced or stewed tomatoes it’s also good cut in half Longway and stuffed with sausage and onions baked in the oven for about 30 to 45 minutes add more time if you like it more tender

  25. Slice it long like lasagne noodles.
    Make your lasagne recipe, but use zucchini instead.
    I make a Garden Frittata. Butter heavily the bottom of a oblong baking dish. Flour it.
    Layers of zucchini, onion, fresh tomato, basil.
    In blender mix 8 eggs, 1 cup half & half or milk, S & P. Pour evenly over veggies
    Bake at 350° until eggs are completely cooked, about 45 min.
    Remove from oven & sprinkle with grated cheese of your choice. Let set while cheese malts a bit & it’s ready to cut.
    Scrumptious summer favorites

  26. If you have a mandolin, slice up the bigger ones and make zucchini lasagna, using the zucchini as the noodles (most recipes say to oven roast to remove moisture, but I just slice mine and lay them out on cookie sheets overnight and the excess moisture evaporates)

  27. Look up these recipes: zucchini fritters, chocolate zucchini cake(it is so moist it’s to die for), shred zucchini and cook it with bacon and onions. Stuffed zucchini boats, breaded fried zucchini slices with cheese dip, zucchini muffins, zucchini stir fry… just Pinterest it and you will find all kinds of ideas! I am waiting for the zucchini to grow and I will do all of the above!

  28. Lorri Stiebritz

    Cut length wise in half remove most of the centers and reserve for a side dish. Brown sole Italian sausage ( no casing) mix that with chopped tomatoes and sole shredded cheese. Place in zucchini boats and cool for 30 mins at 350 delicious and filling .

  29. I cut it up with squash, onion, and corn and fry it with butter, salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder. Sometimes I add red pepper flakes or other seasonings to it

  30. Penny Murphy Hall

    Mom use to cut them into wedges & then slice them so they looked like pineapple chunks. Then she used pineapple juice to cover and bottle it. Called it mock pineapple and used in recipes that called for canned pineapple. Sorry don’t have more specifics but always think about it when I have abundance of zucchini. I remember eating the chunks from the jar not knowing it wasn’t pineapple.

  31. Reva Fultz Hall

    Shred freeze in 2 cup batches ,can make zucchini bread anytime.fried zucchini is great
    There’s a receipe for zucchini boats on pintrest ,very good.

  32. Kristy Stewart Paulsen

    Zucchini pizza boats. Cut the ends then cut long ways, scoop the seeds then salt and let sit for a couple of hours to pull the water out (so you dont burn your mouth as zucchini has high water content). Then fill the seeds cavity with any pizza toppings you want. Bake at 375 for 15-20 mins. Cheese should be melted. Let set for at least 5 minutes to cool and enjoy!

  33. Jennie Viets Yekel

    I drip in milk and egg mixture and the dredge in flour. Fry until golden brown. Salt and pepper to taste. I also sautéed cubed zucchini with onion and green pepper. When soft add whole tomatoes, fresh or canned.

  34. I cut them up with some olive oil and Mccormick salad supreme seasoning then put them on the grill.

  35. You can shreds it and freeze it for quick zucchini bread. It’s a great filler in meatloaf. It’s delicious sautéed with onions, peppers, and squash as a side. It’s great in stir fry and lo mein. They’re great cut in half vertically, hollowed out and stuffed with spaghetti meat sauce and cheese melted on top.

  36. Patricia Valentino

    Stuffed zucchini is my go to meal. Just clean out center of zucchini and stuff with Stove top, and sausage crumbled and fried you can mix with tomato sauce or just top with sauce and mix or top with grated cheese. Bake at 350degrees or 375 for about half an hour to 45 min. I love this, and it’s easy

  37. I love to slice them either in round circles or long strips and make little pizzas with them. Slice thin and place on parchment paper. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with some sea salt or kosher salt. Bake 10 minutes in the oven at 350°. Then add pizza sauce, cheeses, and whatever toppings you want and bake again for about 10 minutes or until the cheese is melted. They are delicious! 

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