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Hey Everyone! I am having a party of about 30 people and i am looking to make …

Hey Everyone! I am having a party of about 30 people and i am looking to make my bushis baked beans taste not so plain.What you got? Thank you!

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26 thoughts on “Hey Everyone! I am having a party of about 30 people and i am looking to make …”

  1. Picnic beans! I’m always getting asked to make them. 2 cans of pork and beans (one drained- one with the juice) , one can of chili beans (drained), 1 can of lima beans (drained), half a cup of brown sugar and same with Ketchup, half an onion chopped and 5 strips of chopped bacon. Mix it all together and bake covered at 400 for 30 minutes then 15 uncovered. Definitely a crowd fav!

  2. Cherie Sanchez

    I dump my bushes baked bean in a cake pan and take minced onions sprinkle on top and then sprinkle real bacon bits on top and brown sugar and bake so so yummy

  3. Stephanie Brannon Steele

    Cook hamburger meat,drain and mix in. I do not do measurements but I add ketchup,spicy brown mustard,Worcestershire sauce,BBQ sauce,onion powder(can chop an onion) garlic powder,salt and pepper,and brown sugar. Bake in oven.

  4. I add brown sugar and ketchup to cans of Original Bush’s baked beans and everyone loves them!!!

  5. I doctor mine up by adding different kinds of canned beans, browned ground beef, bbq sauce, brown sugar.

  6. Pamela Cox Grote

    Ketchup brown sugar squirt of mustard a spoonful of barbq sauce some. Add onion and bacon

  7. Terri Yvonne Bradberry-Byars

    Add cooked hamburger meat, chopped onions, karo syrup, brown sugar cook for 45 minutes on 350

  8. Michelle Weigel

    Cut bacon up and onion cook until done open beans drain off some of the juice put them in bowl and ketchup mustard and brown sugar I put extra brown sugar add to taste

  9. I worked at a BBQ place. Fry some bacon. Put chopped onion and garlic in the grease. Cook a few minutes. Pour all that in beans and add Worcestershire and bbq sauce and baked. Best beans ever

  10. Rebecca Sampson

    I use brown sugar onions hamburger ketchup garlic salt and pepper mustard and a little barbecue sauce to taste heat in oven

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