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Here’s along shot. What can I do with left over pot roast? Has carrots potatoes …

Here’s along shot. What can I do with left over pot roast? Has carrots potatoes onion and gravy. Ate for 3 nights. Seems like I always end up throwing away.

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26 thoughts on “Here’s along shot. What can I do with left over pot roast? Has carrots potatoes …”

  1. Take the meat and melt provolone cheese over it , add some sauté onions and green peppers and put on a hoagie bun

  2. Deb DeGroat Mitchell

    Soup. Next day if still left overs. Thicken with gravy , put in casserole dish , put jiffy drop biscuits on top. Never same meal 2 x. Yet it is

  3. Janet Stonebraker

    Make Hamburger helper, the beef stroganoff one….using shredded up roast and water down your beef gravy to measure what it calls for on the box, tastes better than using hamburger.

  4. Abbé Charbonneau-Bateman

    You can freeze it, or – when I buy a roast it’s typically 3-4 pounds. So I cut it in half raw and cook one half and freeze the other and then can get 2 meals out of it

  5. Tiffany Kalbach Laster

    Cook bow tie pasta, cut up leftover pot roast and add it and all it’s fixings to the pot of pasta. Keep the water in as well. Then add beef gravy to your thickness liking. It now becomes a yummy stew/pasta dish.

  6. Rose Covarrubias

    Cook some bow tie pasta, cut veggies in smaller pieces, shred meat, combine all including gravy.

  7. Roxanne Hannan

    put in freezer for stew later and keep adding little bits to it until it is a pot full

  8. Freeze it. That is one dinner we never have leftovers. It’s only 4 and my twin 6yo love it!

  9. Give the pork a light rinse. Use it to make barbecue baked potatoes, pork taco, pizza toppings ECT…. Put the rest of the gravy and veggies in blender, freeze and your ready to go with another pork roast.

  10. Leslie Harris Nielsen

    I turnine into vegetable beef soup. Add stock and barley, it’s wonderful 👍

  11. Betty Ann Smith

    Pot roast sandwiches I usually take my leftover pot roast and make a vegetable beef barley soup and it gets eaten up I take all different kinds of vegetables make some beef broth I use Ingles brand powdered beef bouillon for vegetable barley it is so good

  12. Melissa A Hughes

    Taco soup?
    I usually throw mine in the freezer and a few weeks later use it with egg noodles, beef broth, and cream of mushroom soup. You can even serve it mashed potatoes. 😋

  13. Make a beef stew. put it in the crockpot and maybe add extra spices, gravy, and extra veggies 😋
    That’s what I do with mine.

  14. Jeanette Bedard Howerton

    We made pot roast hash. Cut up the vegetables and meat. Add fresh onions and fry..

  15. Melanie Morales

    When I don’t wanna eat the same meal again, I freeze it individual portions. It’s better than tv dinners for those days you’re hungry but don’t feel like cooking.

  16. Donna McMullen

    Chip the roast up into tiny pieces, add water, and a can of Le Sueur English peas, reseason with garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. Eat with saltine crackers. We call it hash and my kids love it more than pot roast 👍

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