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Help! Need ideas for VBS snacks. Preferably no PB due to allergies. It goes for …

Help! Need ideas for VBS snacks. Preferably no PB due to allergies. It goes for one week from 6-8 pm. Smaller church, around 40 kids. TIA 😊

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  1. Last week at VBS, they did root beer floats, cookies, ice cream cups, goldfish/pretzels/cheetos combo. Week before they did fruit a couple nights and snack crackers.

  2. For VBS this week, we have done Chex mix, carrots, celery, cucumbers with ranch, pretzels, goldfish crackers, wraps (lettuce, ham, cream cheese, tortilla)

  3. Karen Medeiros

    Popcorn with some candies in it, nachos, cookies, s’mores, goldfish, lemonade or water to drink

  4. RebeccaDerick Richards

    Hot dogs, small bag of chips little Debbie cake
    Corn dogs, Mac and cheese pudding cup
    Chicken nuggets small bag of chips cupcakes
    Ham and cheese turkey and cheese sandwiches small bag of chips apple slices
    Last night of VBS have a cookout/potluck hamburgers hot dogs have church members bring a side

  5. Usually VBS kits come with suggestions because you can go SO fun! pudding cups (add stuff to make dirt), decorate their own sugar cookies, fruit, crackers and cheese, grahams with icing, ONE drink option – big thing of koolaid, lemonade, tang for different days OR just water to have nto mess.

  6. Brenda Bailey McBride

    Ants on a log it’s piece of celery with cheese spread with raisins on it. We used peanut butter but because of allergies went to cheese spread.

  7. Candace Creighton Hill

    We did walking tacos, chicken nuggets, hamburger, hotdogs/chili cheese dogs, etc. We had a foodtruck theme. We made kool-aid and had waters. We bought cookies and chips, made fries with hotdogs one nught.

  8. Becca Long Hickox

    Fruit salad, goldfish, chocolate chip cookies, cheezits, brownies, dirt cake, banana pudding, ice cream bar, cheese and cracker tray, chips and salsa and chips and dip. Also I did a snack for Noah’s Ark with graham crackers and let the kids spread icing on top and then put animal crackers on top. It’s fun and taste really good!

  9. Jacklyn Jones Mullins

    At our small church we did dinner at 5. It encouraged more people to come. You could have members volunteer to make a dish.

  10. Vanessa Reynolds Roy

    Is there a theme for the VBS? Maybe take that theme and run with it. Like under the sea you could do goldfish, jello cups with gummy fish in them etc.

  11. Our church does nacho, hot dogs ,cookies cakes , juice punch kool-aid, chips,Chilli, corn dogs

  12. Katie Gooch Chandler

    We did dinner:
    Hot dogs
    Corn dogs
    Grilled cheese
    Chicken nuggets
    Chips were served every night

  13. We did strawberries oranges and chopped up grapes one day, then watermelon slices on a stick the 2nd day, then dirt pudding one day ( chocolate pudding crushed oreos and gummy worms), then homemade chex mix the 4th day

  14. Goldfish, cupcakes, donuts, fruit snacks these are some we just had that went along g with the theme

  15. Nancy Hartmann

    We switched it up and did small snacks with the story it seemed to help keep their attention

    little cups of fish cereal m&m’s pretzels marshmallows

    Fresh fruit

    Veggies and dip

  16. Deanna Mae Horn

    At our church we make it simple & do pre-bagged chips. People from the church bring them in & juice boxes/Capri suns. Super easy & no chance of allergies

  17. Drink mixes and flavored water(flavor drops), are going to give you the best value as far as drinks.

  18. We found the Goldfish crackers served in little cups, cookies, and juice pouches went really well.

  19. Wrap wheels
    Mix ranch and cream cheese spread on wrap
    Add meat and cheese
    Roll up
    Cut into little wheels

  20. We have found that returning to just a simple snack of cookies works well. Served with cold milk or ice water, no more sticky koolaid!

  21. Kaila Hughes Doyle

    Our church always does finger foods.
    Such as chicken nuggets, ham and Turkey sandwiches, corn dog nuggets, and hot dogs. Along with chips and cookies and caprisuns or koolaid jammers and water.

  22. Melanie Mason Shoop

    If you are doing a vbs program they should have a snack book. I did it for years. Theme? There is always a trail mix, celery boats with cream cheese, raisins, gold fish and juice. If it is hot water and lots of it

  23. Apple slices with carmel, tortilla pin wheels, little smokies with bbq sauce, fruit trays

  24. They could make s’mores, hotdogs, maybe hamburgers, pizza night, chicken nuggets and fries, make kool-aid slushees…those are a hit. Brownies, goldfish, gummy bears, applesauce, yogurt, fruit.

  25. Corn dogs, hotdogs, cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, crescent roll dogs, meatballs, pretzels, chicken nuggets, trail mixes, pickles, cookies, juice, ham and cheese sandwiches, pudding, jello, and popsicles. Offer several things every night in small portions.

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