Hello wonderful individuals within your wonderful windows….

Hello wonderful men and women inside your fantastic windows.

This is the view from my loft bedroom on a extremely windy hill in Bristol in the Uk. If you know Bristol, you can possibly know it truly is renowned for its sizzling air balloons. It had its 1st Balloon Pageant in 1979 and is now 1 of the greatest in Europe wherever they have mass ascents wherever as lots of as 150 balloons launch at a time.

This photo is a small taster of that, just a ‘regular summer’s day’ the place you may often see a scattering of balloons in the sky in the early morning or night.

I’m so happy they’re again, it was eerie when the skies had been bare throughout the pandemic.

I really like observing them, they’re sort of like sky whales, just bit by bit and peacefully drifting along and then often, like when a whale sprays out its drinking water, it roars out its flames and floats upwards and onwards. Bye bye very little sky whale!

thank for the original creator Katy Ross

29 thoughts on “Hello wonderful individuals within your wonderful windows….”

  1. There is just something so magical about hot air balloons in the sky! What a wonderful sight. Thanks for sharing. From Ottawa Canada. Our nation’s capital.

  2. Elizabeth Jean Joppru

    Interesting. Great entertainment for the residents. Hello from Massachusetts USA

  3. Absolutely love Bristol! Such a vibrant city full of creativity. Hello from Ojai, CA! 🙋

  4. Sharon Anderson

    I love the “sky. whales “ idea. I live close to water whales, but I have to walk to the beach to see them and they often hide if I have a camera or binoculars greetings from Santa Cruz California

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