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Hello! I’m having a graduation party for my son at an outside pavilion that does…

Hello! I’m having a graduation party for my son at an outside pavilion that does not have electricity. I have 2 disposable chafing dishes and have chicken tenders, Mac & cheese and cupcakes covered. What other sides/dishes would a group of 17-18 year olds enjoy that is easy to transport and cheap? I can bring coolers/pans of ice to keep things cold. I don’t want to do pizza and since my son and friends work at Chipotle anything burrito/Taco bar is out (they get a free meal every time they work). Any family go to’s or international favorites would be much appreciated! TIA!

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  1. Potato salad, macaroni salad, jello salad, coleslaw, pistachio fluff salad, deviled eggs, watermelon, baked beans, chips and dip.

  2. Tip..small kiddie pool filled with ice to set the cold dishes in. Or some type of flat tote that will fix on the table put ice in it for the cold dishes

  3. Samantha Caldwell Baldwin

    Pasta salads, sandwich rollups, fruit trays, oreo dirt cake. Take a small charcoal grill and grill hotdogs maybe.

  4. Pizza pasta salad, fresh fruit, veggies tray, deviled eggs, cole slaw unlimited possibilities! Get a cheap plastic pool, put your cokd salads in and fill with ice.

  5. Sloppy joes in crockpot, sliced cheese and buns with variety of individual chips. Sliced watermelon for dessert.

  6. My mother in love makes these for our monthly potluck and they’re always a huge hit! They freeze well too.

  7. Jennifer Bradley

    We did a baked potato bar and it turned out awesome. You can bake the potatoes ahead of time and put them in a warm roaster and they will stay hot forever after unplugged. Everything else can go on ice

  8. Spaghetti salad……cooked spaghetti, red onion, cheese cubes, salami and ham cubes, black olive and Italian dressing

  9. I’d do cut up cheese, crackers and maybe ham or turkey. Veggies and dip/ranch. Or just simple chips. Theyre teenagers theyll eat nearly anything Whatever you do keep it simple enough to enjoy the milestone with the kids. In 1,5 or 10 years none of them will remember the food but they will remember YOU talking to them and spending time with them and that’s priceless

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