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Ham Weve got it My daughter breezed through yesterday and

Ham. We’ve got it. My daughter breezed through yesterday and dropped off two meg…

Ham. We’ve got it. My daughter breezed through yesterday and dropped off two mega bags of ham bits. We also have a ham in the fridge. Aside from a ham and cheese omelette, what can I prepare that’s relatively low carb and low salt for…say… ballpark…50 meals for 2? Thanks! (Oh, she also bought her sister a ton of Eggos and two full pumpkin pies, but said sister will absorb those quickly enough.

thank for the original creator Kim Wood

35 thoughts on “Ham. We’ve got it. My daughter breezed through yesterday and dropped off two meg…”

  1. Cindy Haberkorn

    Ham tetrazzini, scalloped potatoes n ham, ham n cheese egg omelette, ham n cheese Mac salad

  2. Stephanie Zaldaña

    Quiche, breakfast burritos, breakfast casserole, ham and potato soup, pickle wrap dip, pasta salad, ham and noodles over mashed potatoes

  3. Jessica Perrotto

    Chef salad with the diced ham. Ham salad on top of a salad for lower carb or on bread or crackers

  4. Jacqueline Kelly-Walkley

    I make beans with it! I sauté diced onion garlic and sweet peppers with the ham chunks. 1 can each of pinto, red kidney, and garbanzo beans, one small can of tomatoes sauce with a packet or two of Sazon and let it all boil!

  5. Laura Hollingsworth Minch

    You could make the low carb pizza dough, and use some on pizza, season green beans with it,, chicken cordon blue by making your own bread crumbs or using almond flour and deep frying it.. ham, onion and mushroom fritotta.

  6. Ham and Mac N Cheese, Fry with cabbage (depending how salty it is) you may need to add some… ham n green beans, omlettes, pasta salads, chef salads

  7. Robin Spencer McClanahan

    Pizza, burritos, use to season veggies, ham is great in soup or beans, chicken cordon bleu, salads, etc

  8. If you like black eye peas, you can sub the ham in for the hamhock or jowl. Again, not low carb, but we do this with cornbread and fried potatoes. 😋

  9. Ham salad. I put ham bits in a blender and blend. take out and put in bowl. i also blend, on low, grn peppers, onions, celery and add to the ham. Add mayo and relish to it and mix. Great sammy. Add kosher dill pickle on the bun if you would like.

  10. 3 Can Soup: Olive oil, 1 cup frozen seasoning vegetables, 2 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 pound ham pieces, 1 TBSP dried herb (eg thyme, oregano, Italian seasoning), 3 cans different Campbell’s soups, 1 can whole kernel corn, 1 can cream corn, 1 can tomato sauce or Rotel, 1 small can Beanie Weenies. Fry seasoning vegetables in hot oil until limp. Add ham and continue until beginning too brown, Add herb, soups, rinsing out cans with 1/2 cup water each. Add both cans corn and tomatoes. Add enough water to desired consistency. Bring to a near boil and simmer 1 hour.

  11. Collette Ritter

    Not low carb per say but scalloped potatoes & ham gets rid of a good bit of it. You could also use it for salads (pasta or lettuce)

  12. Chris-Angie Niebaum Baker

    Hash rown casserole with ham, quiche muffins, ham & noodle casserole with a cream of… soup ham salad homemade ham & cheese hot pockets

  13. Ham and potato soup, ham salad, scalloped potatoes with ham, ham on pizza, and Mac n cheese with ham.

  14. Tammi Tegtmeyer Irving

    Fresh green beans, ham and new potatoes in the crockpot. Add some chopped onion and chicken broth for moisture. Let cook on low all day in crockpot. The flavor is amazing, and your house will smell so good!

  15. Darleen Wilkinson

    Ham salad for sandwiches. Grind or put in food processor to make a fine mixture. Add onion if you like, pickle relish, Mayo and little mustard. I like to add a little pickled chopped jalapeño and a little sugar to offset the sour of the pickles, mustard and Mayo. You could also add chopped egg. Do not add salt. It will make it too salty.

  16. Jennifer Ottaviani

    Throw in crock pot with diced potatoes, a couple cans of green beans and 2 boxes of chicken broth. Season with salt, pepper, garlic powder and maybe a chicken bouillon cube.

  17. I’ve cooked ham and onions with fresh greens. Turned out pretty good. I think it would also be good with cabbage, peppers, and onions.

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