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31 thoughts on “Ground beef ideas besides meatloaf?”

  1. I cook some hamburger meat and a box of mac and cheese and mix them together, I just recently started adding a taco seasoning packet to the meat to make taco mac, it’s easy cheap and good!

  2. Meatballs (subs) enchiladas, quesadillas, stroganoff, Shepard’s pie,chili, hamburgers, veggie soup

  3. Danielle Boster

    Ground meat of choice, rice a roni flavor of choice, mushrooms, onions and seasonings.

    Brown the ground meat of choice, mushrooms and onions with seasonings of choice then drain off grease.

    Cook rice a roni according to package directions.

    Mix both together and enjoy!

  4. Sloppy joes and biscuits
    Make meat and sloppy joes.
    Buy the biscuits is a can roll them out a bit put a spoon full of sloppy joes and pinch together. Cook using biscuits directions. Make with tater tots.

  5. Tacos
    Hobo meals
    Meatball subs
    Hamburger helper
    Porcupine meatballs
    Tator tot casserole
    Sloppy joes
    Stuffed peppers
    Shepard’s pie

  6. Cheesy goulash: hamburger browned with onion, cooked elbow noodles, tomato soup, velveeta
    Hamburger stroganoff: hamburger browned with onion, cooked egg noodles, cream of mushrooms soup, sour cream
    Pizza Casserole: hamburger browned with onion, cooked rotini noodles, 2 jars pizza sauce,. Mix everything together and put in 9×13 dish, cover with pepperoni and shredded cheese bake at 350 for 35 minutes.

  7. Taco salad or Guiso (crumbled ground beef mixed with veggies such as onion, bell peppers, corn, peas, jalapeños, etc, cooked in a small can of tomato sauce)

  8. Cinda Jump-Queen

    I make this….1 lb burger, can green beans drained 1 can tomato soup seasoning mix it and add mash potatoes to the top and bake! Its cheap and yummy. I bake 400 for about 20 to 30 minutes. Can add corn drained as well.

  9. Morgan Anderson

    Taco soup. Stuffed peppers. Fry burger and add cream of mushroom soup and some milk and make a burger gravy and serve over mashed potatoes. Tater tot casserole same idea as the burger gravy with cream of mushroom soup but add 2 cans of green beans and put it in a baking dish and too with tots. Bake at 350 until tots are done. You can top it with cheese too

  10. Picadillo, enchiladas, stroganoff, nachos, taco salad, burgers, chili Mac, pasta, tater tot casserole, sloppy Joe, Philly cheese sloppy Joe,

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