Greetings from Allen, Texas, Usa! This is a see from our bedroom window. As I l…

Greetings from Allen, Texas, Usa! This is a view from our bedroom window. As I glimpse at this photograph, I recognize the lawn is much additional wonderful when buddies are family members are in it, making the most of it. Proper now, it is just very. I enjoy accomplishing lawn perform, and have experimented with to plant varying trees to insert coloration to the landscape. The hedges behind the pool chairs took many years to improve jointly, generating this dwelling privateness screen (an thought we took from a hotel we at the time stayed in) and if you meander just guiding individuals, you’ll locate a koi pond. (One particular year, I unintentionally killed all the fish. I was devastated and cried for a 7 days, but that is one more tale). The only matter missing is a mountain range in the track record, but we are going to have to transfer to see that! 😂 The property is normally bustling with so many birds, outrageous squirrels, bunnies and butterflies, but it is really been near to 100 levels every single day, and the wildlife is using shelter. (In all honesty, just one day soon, I might like to transfer to California. I’ll have to leave all this handiwork behind, but look ahead to the notion of re-creating a gorgeous dwelling oasis.)

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47 thoughts on “Greetings from Allen, Texas, Usa! This is a see from our bedroom window. As I l…”

  1. Ohh that’s gorgeous!. Would love to be in that pool today.. its very hot here in South East UK.. 🥵 (but lucky to live by the sea 😁)

  2. The trees and their bloom, the kidney shaped pool and the chez lounges make this so beautiful. You’ve thought of everything and the result is perfect.

  3. Hello from Oceanside California (north San Diego county) where the weather is nearly perfect year round…your view is beautiful!

  4. Beautiful big garden, I live in North Dallas we should share gardens sometime. I’m mostly a shade gardener at our home and collect Japanese maples.

  5. I have lived in California all my life, and it isn’t very nice anymore! Your yard is beautiful!

  6. Mary Ann Herrera-faust

    You have made it beautiful and it will be home until your next move. I miss my California and hope to move back there. ❤️

  7. Betty Antrobus

    Good Morning, I live just north of you in Oklahoma. You’ve created a lovely oasis and those hundred degree days are a challenge for gardeners here in the Southern Plains.

  8. Wendy Rowley Bracey

    Nice! Colorful! Peaceful! Greetings from Columbia. Mississippi! It is hot here as well!

  9. Vanessa Aching Davenport

    Beautiful! It won’t be easy to leave such a labor of love! What an oasis! Thanks for sharing your lovely view! Greetings from the San Francisco Bay Area wine country California

  10. Terri Maizels Levine

    Beautiful! I moved two years ago from Richardson, TX to California. Great decision. Greetings from North San Diego County.

  11. Carole Bishop Slaughter

    It’s a beautiful view. Your pool is inviting, esp with the rock water fall, so Hill Country. All the critters are staying in the shade. Everyone is having to water more with the triple digit temps.

  12. Pat Emerson Crader

    You did a beautiful job. About moving to California, read what Kathy King said. We’re having a horrible drought and our county is only allowed to water our lawn twice a week. So, with temps in the 90’s and 100’s, we now have brown grass. It’s heartbreaking.

  13. Dottie Terrill Eaton

    You did a great job creating this ‘oasis’. It looks like it was professionally done, by a landscape artist! Thanks for sharing your little corner of the world! Call me ‘jealous’ saying Hi from Prospect KY USA 🇺🇸

  14. Deborah Kelley Johnson

    Wow you did an Amazing job and you are not kidding Texas is Hot but you have created a beautiful garden from Florida

  15. LeAnn Shaw Hubbell

    I love all the colors! And those two flower beds along the concrete pool edging are a cool idea. You’ve created such a beautiful space. Hello from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  16. It would be hard to leave this beautiful oasis you created. Greetings from Rough and Ready, California 🌲

  17. You’ve done a lovely job! I’m by the Rose Bowl here in Southern CA and it’s very nice but crazy expensive… but I do love it here looking out at the only thing you say you’re missing. As a Chicagoan I know all about flat land!😊

  18. Gorgeous garden💚 Years of hard work and good choices…maybe stay in Texas?! Good morning from Vancouver Canada 🇨🇦

  19. Brenda Jaskulske

    Beautiful yard, neighbor! We are often in Allen at the outlets and our son played football and basketball there back in the day. Hello from Denton, Texas.

  20. Kathleen Johnson

    You have a lovely garden and yard. California is a place people are running from. We lived most of our lives in California and I would never want to go back. From Castle Rock CO

  21. Shannon Kiel Grass

    It’s beautiful—love the colors! Even Freddie Mercury cried a full week after the same accident—you’re not the first!

  22. Anne Dimopoulos

    Delightful! You cherish this spot, and it shows. Feels inviting as well as gorgeous. Best from Wisconsin.

  23. Jennifer Hampton

    It’s absolutely gorgeous. You are so blessed to have created this beautiful space.

  24. Debbie Call Mitchell

    This is so beautiful and I love the different colors of the trees that you’ve planted. What a beautiful setting to enjoy. Greetings from Riverton Utah.

  25. That is just gorgeous. Very good work. I love it, from California. (I wouldn’t mind moving to Texas)

  26. Helen Baird Carter

    This is a beautiful place to make memories with your family and friends! Hello from Spring Hill, Tennessee, USA.

  27. Nicoletta Agnelli

    What a beautiful view of pure love. Greetings and good health from Fort Lee, New Jersey.

  28. All of your work has certainly been worth it. Your yard is beautiful. Hello from Wisconsin!

  29. Sharon Morganti

    What a gorgeous retreat you have created. Your friends must really appreciate all of your effort. Have a great summer!

  30. Ginger Denning

    You succeeded in selecting beautiful trees and placing them just right! Perfection! Greetings from Manhattan, Kansas! 🌻

  31. Evelyn Lippold

    Your yard is so beautiful. I’m sure you enjoy it with friends and family or just when it’s quiet and peaceful. Have a great summer, St. Louis, Missouri

  32. Helena Kandiliotis Xenofos

    Beautiful place ! Texas is always hot !! We avoid visiting our son and his family during the summer mounths. Hello from Huntsville, Alabama USA

  33. You created an awesome spot. Love all the trees and you did a wonderful job of adding some trees with color. The pool is very inviting on a warm day. Best wishes from Newport Oregon

  34. You make living in Texas pretty! And yes the scene/view is not complete without friends and family gathering together, but for those days when peace, quiet, is needed you are surrounded by beauty. Such a blessing, good morning from Arvada, Colorado.

  35. Joyce Sinclair Aragon

    I lived in Allen for a while when I worked at Texas Instruments in McKinney back in the 80s. I moved back to SC but visited a lot while my daughter lived in The Colony. That whole area has changed so much. You have a beautiful yard.

  36. Kristi Shaw Couvillion

    Beautiful! I lived in McKinney for 14 years then moved to sunny Southern CA for 6.m years. You Cannot beat beautiful Cali weather.

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