Whats on dinner menu for tonight

Going to a friend’s for dinner tonight and we will be grilling. I have no idea w…

Going to a friend’s for dinner tonight and we will be grilling. I have no idea what they’re making but I’m wanting to bring something for 4 adults. Looking for something quick and easy.

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  1. Autumn Grabowski

    Chop up some zucchini’s, peppers, onions, mushrooms etc, stick them on the kebabs qand bring them to be grilled

  2. Stephanie Spaulding

    Strawberry fluff. I don’t remember measurements. But cottage cheese cool whip strawberry jello mix strawberry and pineapple tidbits marshmallows

  3. Rena Fullenkamp

    Pasta salad
    Box tri color pasta, red onion diced, broccoli, grape tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, toasted slivered almonds, pepper and zesty Italian dressing

  4. Jamie Changtum

    Coleslaw/brocolli slaw mix and your fav coleslaw dressing. I LOVE Jimmys original coleslaw mix.

  5. Creamy Cucumbers. Mayo, vinegar, salt and pepper to taste…. dice up like 3 cuccumers and add some white onion Chopped.

  6. I can’t remember the exact measurements but you get an angel food cake mix and use a can of crushed pineapple, I believe it the whole can and cake mix. Bake it accordingly and mix cool whip, crushed pineapple, coconut (optional) and spread on top. Add maraschino cherries to top it off and make it look pretty.

  7. slice up some cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, an fresh mozzarella with some italian dressing! perfect for a hot summer evening😊

  8. Holli Hover McEwan

    Green beans
    mix with dales liquid seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder & bacon bits
    Throw in the oven for 10 mins

  9. Laura Stearns Zogopoulos

    Summer slaw- Chicken Ramen Soup and coleslaw mix along with a couple kitchen essentials. Quick and easy

  10. Kyle Melissa Alvarez

    Since they are grilling, I’d either bring dessert or maybe something to drink like Sangria Punch.

  11. Nikia Heffren-Tanner

    Mini sweet peepers stuffed with cream cheese and cooked ground sausage, wrap them in bacon throw on grill. Add chopped jalapeños inside for a kick

  12. Sylvie Latimer

    Bring wine 🍷 unless asked to bring something specific most will have the menu already planned . Always best to ask first

  13. Pasta salad. Pasta salads that you get from Walmart. I’m by the Caesar kind. Instead of putting olive oil I put mayonnaise and diced ham. So very good. I’ll make it all the time

  14. Look up junk yard salad. Sweet and so go. Has a can of cherry pie filling pineapple pecans eagle brand milk . I will have to look for my recipe. It’s a pretty salad

  15. Seleste Garcia

    Pasta salad! Cook noodles of your choice, we use penne. Dice a few cucumbers and finely dice an onion, mix it all together with your choice of seasoning and Italian dressing. So good, quick and easy!

  16. Samantha Guilarte

    I would do a drink, sangria or a lemonade if you’re not drinking, but my go to is toll house cookies 🙃its easy and good lol

  17. Box of elbow noodles, bottle of ranch, cheese, bacon bits, and seasonings, I also use mayo and mustard for a little more thickness

  18. Emmi Vanderlinden Pineda

    Not super easy not super difficult but my go to for the grill is bacon wrapped asparagus. Just twist the bacon around 1 2 or even 3 pieces depending how thick they are so that they’re all about even. Stick with tooth pick to hold. Throw directly onto the grill

  19. Ask if you can bring hors d’oeuvres or dessert… If they say no, flowers or wine (unless they are not drinkers) are usually welcome. Don’t expect the wine to be offered during the meal.

  20. Michelle Fogle McMahon

    salad on a stick, any kind of lollipop stick will work, i use iceberg lettuce, small chunk, cherry tomatoe, chunk of cheese, and small chunk of green pepper. Doing it on a stick is great so they can have their own stick and dip it in a dressing. I use 2 oz clear cups that i get at dollar general and i put the different dressing in them. OMG i made 40 of them at my last party and it was such a huge hit. Simply, easy, and peasy, and kind of cheap if u go to savealot or aldis.

  21. Kimberly Coker

    How about a cooling dessert like chocolate covered strawberries? Super easy to make – Buy any store brand chocolate bark (Baking aisle), melt in microwave per package instructions & dip in rinsed & dried strawberries up to the stem. They look fancy & are super refreshing!

  22. Spinach dip with pumperknickle bread
    Large tub sour cream
    2 knorrs vegetable soup mix
    Chopped water chestnuts
    2 packs frozen spinach thawed and squeeze excess water out
    Chopped scallions

    Mix all together – good with pumpernickel, rye bread or crackers.

  23. Pea Salad
    2 cans drained peas or 2 c cooked frozen peas
    ½ c Miracle Whip
    ¼ c pickle relish
    ¼ c chopped celery
    Shredded cheese
    Chopped hard boiled eggs
    Bacon bits

    Kidney Bean Salad
    2 cans kidney beans, drained
    ¼ c chopped onion
    ½ c Miracle Whip
    ¼ c pickle relish
    ¼ c chopped celery
    Sliced black or green olives.

    Three Bean Salad
    1 drained can each of
    Green beans
    Kidney beans
    Garbanzo beans
    1 c sugar
    1 c white vinegar
    ¼ c chopped onion
    ¼ c pickle relish
    ¼ c chopped celery
    Sliced black or green olives.

    Cucumber Salad
    2 c sliced cucumbers
    ¼ c chopped onion
    ½ c Miracle Whip
    ¼ c pickle relish
    ¼ c chopped celery
    Sliced black or green olives.

    Egg Salad
    6 diced hard boiled eggs
    ½ c Miracle Whip
    ¼ c pickle relish
    ¼ c bacon bits
    ¼ c chopped celery
    Chopped green or black olives

    Chicken Salad
    1 can drained chicken or 2 c chopped chicken
    ½ c Miracle Whip
    ¼ c pickle relish
    ⅓ c sliced green or black olives
    ¼ c chopped celery
    ¼ c chopped pecans
    Choice of chopped apple, sliced grapes or raisins

    Tuna Salad
    1 can drained tuna
    ⅓ c Miracle Whip
    ¼ c pickle relish
    ¼ c chopped celery
    ¼ chopped green or black

    Crab Salad
    2 c chopped imitation crab
    ½ c Miracle Whip
    ¼ c pickle relish
    ¼ c chopped celery

    Macaroni Salad
    1 lb cooked macaroni
    ½ c Miracle Whip
    ¼ c pickle relish
    ¼ c chopped celery
    ¼ c sliced green or black olives
    ¼ c bacon bits

    German Slaw
    1 small cabbage, chopped
    ⅓ c shredded carrots
    Bacon bits
    1 c white vinegar
    1 c sugar
    1 t mustard
    Boil dressing ingredients
    Pour over cabbage

  24. take ice drinks or tea or lemonade even pack of bottle water cups chips and dip or light desert any of those would be nice

  25. Stacy Reimers Bakker

    Cut up a watermelon, add fresh strawberries, grapes, and blueberries to it. Can just scoop the melon out of the rind, mix everything in a large bowl, put back into melon

  26. If the friend doesn’t tell me something to bring, I’d pick up a bottle of wine, or a jar of good nuts, or some fancy candy as a hostess gift. Something I know they would enjoy, as thanks for inviting me.

  27. Marion Wilks Boyer

    Jalapeño Poppers, wash, cut tops off, scrap out seeds, fill with cream cheese mixed with cheddar, wrap in half a piece of back, bake in oven at about 375, until back is crispy, drain. They’re good hot or at room temperature. Google for other jalapeño popper recipes..

  28. Lesley Marie Brewer

    I make what I call a spring salad it’s broccoli, cauliflower broke up into chunks with shredded cheese mixed with ranch dressing it’s really good it’s always a popular item at our cook outs some people also add shredded carrots to it too if that’s what you like

  29. Lisa Paradise Montalvo

    Fresh tomatoes sliced thick, fresh mozzarella sliced, fresh basil leaves, drizzle with balsamic glaze before serving, sea salt, cracked pepper. Put on a pretty serving platter.

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