How Girlfriend Turns a Teenager into less risk-taker


“Amelia, he got a now a girlfriend”. Gosh, We both giggled over the phone.

This is a conversation I had with my co-worker David during a meeting about his son, Adam. This is the instance that he told me about his son’s surprising behavioral change. He thinks the reason behind the change is new girl friend. Adam in his typical adolescence shows moody, frustrated, irritated, and extreme risk-taking behaviors. I remember he told me a couple of instances that his son engages in risky trilling fast driving. When I ask what made his son more responsible, his answer was simple. Yes, Girlfriend can change behavior.

After the phone call, it made me think, is that possible? Can teenage men turn more responsible when they are in a relationship

Teenage Behavior Management Research

I did Google to see my curiosity already answered by someone . Then I get to know details about a recent research published in the journal of personal and social relationships. This research unveiled interesting fact that “young man tends to be fewer risk-takers when they are having a girlfriend“. It was even more interesting when the same research also identified that men are less likely to take the risk when they are in a relationship with women. Here is a quote from the research interview. “I think it is important to understand the social functions of risk-taking. Oftentimes we focus on people’s relative maturity to explain age differences in risk-taking but young people aren’t wired for risk-taking just for the thrill of it” STUDY AUTHOR KAROL SILVA- JOURNAL OF PERSONAL AND SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS 2 key learning from the research

1. The Level of Risk-taking driven to Attract a partner

All my astonishment there is a fundamental psychological concept. The basic law of attraction is co-related to the gravity of risk-taking. Perhaps this may be the same reason introverted people less likely to attract women while extroverted much likely to attract a woman because of wiliness to take the risk. Perhaps taking a risk is the fundamental ingredient nature wired us n to attract a partner.

2. Thrill Factor

Another key finding is the thrill factor. Thrill factor associated with social acceptance over the risky behaviors. We mustn’t endorse risk-taking activities in any manner for teenagers. One interesting question is what will happen if the relationship breaks? Will that make teenagers more frustrated, irritated, or vulnerable to risk-seeking activities? As parents, the research can help you to bring back energy, calmness, and happiness in your kid’s mind and have a better family relationship.

Tips for Parents

Teenage behavior management tips and how to discipline teenager attitude
Teenage behavior management tips and how to discipline teenager attitude

Emotional Intelligence 

Improving personal and social skills of your child is all about emotional well-being and awareness. This is an essential step given skill in reading their own personality and not be confused with consciousness in the sense. Here are some strategies for you to work.

Deal with Pain

Teenagers often driven with frustration and likely to feel pain even for simplest things. The pain triggers turn the body to withdraw from harmful stimulation. However, generations of scientists believe that acute pain is an evolutionary solution to avoiding things that can hurt or harm humans by Nature this is a lie to Any Man of human survival. Here are some strategies for pain management

Feel free to share your experience and I think it has a valid point that relationship can make men fewer risk-takers?


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