fulltime artist VS 39anime39 how to draw book

fulltime artist VS 'anime' how to draw book

these guides are my final nostalgia responsible satisfaction I adore the circles and the inexplicable jumps in detail it is really the greatest.

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30 thoughts on “fulltime artist VS 'anime' how to draw book”

  1. Cheap step by step book: so you start with a circle and the-
    5 y/o me offended that art was being made into something mechanical and bound by rules: No.
    The book: but-
    Me: No.

  2. Hey! I have an idea:
    You could maybe re-draw the Afton Kids from FNaF (Five Nights at Freddy’s)
    So like, FoxyBro, C.C (Crying Child) and Elizabeth. (FoxyBro is also sometimes known as Michael Afton too but it may not be fully canon, I can’t really remember if it is or not!) It’s ok if you don’t do this but it would be really cool if you did!

  3. My experience with these books growing up was quite a experience of several phases, I started off with a Mark Crilley book about how to draw everything anime or something like that. I didn’t directly start drawing the tutorials my self more or less then, tracing pictures from the book. Honestly I think we all started as artists with some sort of tracing phase lol. Long story short, I started reading Christopher Hart books too and tried some new techniques from the more advanced books. Then I discovered internet tutorials. End of manga tutorial books lol 😂

  4. I used books like that for animals and such when I was in elementary just for fun, and when I started drawing more seriously I got one for manga as a gift but I barely used it

  5. My art journey has basically just been a whole lot of inspiration from things I watched. Like I was super into Powerpuff Girls when I was 9, so my art style was very similar to that. I started watching this channel in 2018 or so which also heavily inspired my style. Nowadays, most of my inspiration comes from anime whose art styles I really like

  6. I started through just being extremely interested in it since as long as I can remember, no books or youtube ever got me into it I just always was although when I got old enough to use technology I did start searing for help on things through YouTube

  7. This was such a fun video and a blast from the past! I had several of these books as a kid and they were really foundational for my love of drawing. Thank you for pointing out so many things that would have been really useful way back when!

  8. I use to borrow step by step books for all kinds of things from the library, yes most of them are very basic, but they def helped a lot with my tiny brain

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