From Phoenixville Pennsylvania, Usa. On a peaceful quiet evening, I share with you …

From Phoenixville Pennsylvania, Usa. On a tranquil relaxed night time, I share with you the see from the porch of my previous twin house. The previous handful of weeks have been a very little rough personally but it does not look at to what other people have gone via. These handful of weeks have seemingly been inundated with news of so a lot of pals and family’s liked types passing on to a greater position, most unexpectedly. I couldn’t help but to consider of them, their brightness and sort hearts shining down on us, while capturing the moon tonight. Sending really like and light to anyone.

thank for the unique creator Pamela Quill

33 thoughts on “From Phoenixville Pennsylvania, Usa. On a peaceful quiet evening, I share with you …”

  1. Mary Ellen Maxwell

    Old as in old building or old as in you moved? Whatever the case I hope things look up for you and your circle!!😘👍

  2. Nancy R Seaton

    Sending lots of TLC, Prayers and Love your way ❤️ Gorgeous view Hello from Austin Texas

  3. Barbara Peyton

    A lovely view and beautiful sentiment! Prayers to you. ❤️💜❤️
    Greetings from Washington state!

  4. Hello neighbor! Love your town & your view!
    So sorry for your loss of those dear to you!
    ☮️from Royersford

  5. Thanks for sharing the view enjoy every minute.
    In California the news aren’t much
    different I hear you and can relate to your feelings life is very unpredictable
    I learned to live day by day and be grateful.
    Best wishes. From
    Northern California

  6. Nice view and you can wave to your neighbors! Thank you and be well from Onamia, Minnesota

  7. Marianne Dunn Dyer

    My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. Thank you for sharing and knowing that others have more difficult struggles. Gratitude 🙏

  8. Dianne Yaunches

    Hi from Bethesda,MD. Lived in Paoli for many years and enjoyed the Colonial-Blob theatre and the dining in P-ville.

  9. Let the light shine for all. Beautiful neighborhood. I grew up in Norristown. Hi from Pompano Beach Florida, our home for 43 years.

  10. Hello from Buxton, Cape Hatteras, North Carolina!
    My husband was a Phantom (1981) as were his brothers, niece, and nephew. My mother- and father-in-law recently moved away from Phoenixville to a Senior Community. The rest of the family is still in 19460 though.

  11. June Elfer Luck

    Blessings from Mandeville Louisiana. The full moon is once a month. You have your sparkling moon every night 🌕

  12. Shairali Rao Kawale

    My first job, back in 2005, was in Phoenixville, PA. I love how the town has grown. I live in TX now. Sorry for your losses.

  13. Sandra Schreiner Philbrick

    Peace! There is comfort in knowing that beautiful moon will come up again tomorrow, the next day …….
    Wishing you blessings! Hello from Arkansas!

  14. Eileen Bambrough

    Sorry to hear this …it seems to happen like this..May your hearts be strengthen by happy memories and tangible love and affection .Greetings from South Africa….

  15. Beth Fairchild Serra

    Funny you should say twin home. We moved to Lansdale Pa many years ago and that is the first time I had heard a what we called a duplex a “twin”. We have since moved to NW Jersey. Don’t know what they call them here. 😃 Phoenixville was a nice area, love the older homes

  16. Mary Frances Gallagher

    Lovely view. Sorry for your losses. Hoping some happier days are right around the corner. Hello from Fredericksburg, Virginia

  17. Patt Moore Tolliver

    I love your view, it’s comforting. And the light, that’s really cool. The best from Pittsburg California

  18. Condolences on your losses. Lovely view of your neighborhood and the moon. Hello from Seattle.

  19. Janice Johnson

    Hello from California, my husband grew up in Phoenixville… I miss going to visit his cousins and driving through Valley Forge

  20. And light and love to you as well. Hope you could find some joy in the bad days. Greetings from Tennessee.

  21. You have a lovely view beautifully captured. May your surroundings bring you peace in your time of sorrow. Best wishes from Newark Delaware USA.

  22. How lovely….hoping your view brings you peace, happiness & safety….every best wish from Houston, Texas, USA.

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