Flashback Friday How to Cook Greens

Flashback Friday: How to Cook Greens

Dark eco-friendly leafy veggies are the most nutrient-dense meals on the world. What’s the most effective way to prepare them?

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I often get inquiries about how to get ready particular foodstuff to optimize their positive aspects, so I like when I can deliver you videos like this one particular and Ideal Way to Cook dinner Vegetables. I have a couple extra on the best possible cooking techniques, far too. Check out:
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I talked about microwaving: Are Microwaves Protected? ( And what about The Results of Radiation Leaking from Microwave Ovens? ( Watch the video clip!

If you’re looking at this, you in all probability know by now how important it is to take in greens each day. But listed here are some video clips for a refresher:
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Just try to remember that any one who eats cups a working day (as they ought to!) of dark inexperienced leafy greens really should likely stick to reduced-oxalate greens (i.e. basically any greens other than spinach, swiss chard, and beet greens) to keep away from the risk of kidney stones. I have bought movies coming up on this in this article ( as properly as what comes about when you tension cook dinner greens (

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Many thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based mostly nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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38 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: How to Cook Greens”

  1. Ok soo i saw another health video that stated that microwaves are bad because they reduce or kill 40% or the whole nutrients but this does not apply to all the greens mentioned in this video can someone clear out if its actually pretty safe to use the microwave for even reducing nutrient reduction in some cases ? Does anyone understand and could help clear my doubts ?

  2. Great information. What about blending them as in my VitaMix? I blend my greens in the morning with cold water and drink them down with a straw. Not overly tasty but it gets me my quantity amount of the greens for the day in a deliverable pathway I can use.

  3. I'm very confused with the whole high carb diet for insulin resistance and diabetes. I get really bad symptoms when consuming even a few carbs. Could it be something else? Lack of digestive enzymes?

  4. i rarely eat kale, i bet its the worst plant for insect and slugs and snails and caterpillars to hide in and try get off, broccoli leaves/collard greend arent even worth the hastle of trying to eat cause even scrubbing each leaf as much as u can you just cant get all the apids theres alway crevises along the stems that i always missed out so i just gave up i dont like killing all those insects either

  5. why would u boil them? vitamins r already low cuz they were picked like 5 years ago and minerals r non existent in them (trash soil etc)
    and then u go full trojan-horse and make it so that pathogenic bacteria eat their remains when u eat them (cooked)? ridiculous insanity! 🤨

  6. So bottom line is to steam your veggies otherwise the boiling water could wash away the nutrients! "cruciferocious" hahaha nice term! 😛 Thanks for this amazing video!!

  7. Here's my question: if I put greens in a soup do the antioxidants leach out into the soup or are they destroyed? Does heat break up the compounds or does it just break the cell walls and set them free. Vegan Kale soup = total happiness.

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