How to Coping with Stress by Thriving on Good Changes
Have you ever noticed your self-going to the icebox to get something to eat when your are all upset. Your not alone there are many people just like you in this world.

They are like you wishing they could do something to change that from happing to them but it isn’t going away what you can do to help you to change all of this form happing to you. You have to train your self to do something different only you can do this. 

What causes this to happen to people?

Most of the time this happens when people are stressed out or being up set. The first thing they want to do to ran to the icebox and eat ever thing they see in it. Which isn’t health for you in the first place? You need to think way down inside your body and figure out what can be done about this habit. There are other ways to go, you just have to figure out what to do about it and do it. 

What can one do to learn to redirect myself?

Redirecting is hard for most of us to do but it can be done in time. You have to do it over and over again until your brain knows that is what you want it to do instead of going and binging on food. So when you feel you have to eat why not go and pick up a good book and read it. You’re going to have to make your self-do this but you can do this if you want it bad enough. If you find that reading isn’t what is good for you at a time like this then you will have to find something that will work for you. 

What are some things I can do to find what is good for me?

There really isn’t anything good to say about this other then you have to do some things on your own to find out what would be best for you  what might be good for you may not be good for some one else. You might want to ask your friends what they do to give you some ideas. They may suggest some thing like taking a real hot bath, or reading a good book. Some of them may find that exercising is a good way to relive some of there stress.

There are many things that you may find works for you that don’t work for your friends. You might think that cleaning house is a good way to get rid of stress that is okay to.

Why is stress so bad for me and why do, I need to get rid of it?

Stress is something that you might want to get rid of as soon as it hit you. Why is this?

This is because stress isn’t good for you or your health. It will cause you many problems if you don’t get rid of it as soon as you are able to.

Some of the things it can cause is heart troubles, high blood pressure, out of control cholesterol, and can cause you to have some depression. If this happens then you will have to go to your family doctor and may have to take some kind of medication for it. Therefore, you are better if you can learn to control it before this happens. There is way to do it you just have to have some will power and set your mind to it and do it. Thrive to make satisfying changes. 

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