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Family of 4, have 2 ham steaks, 3 cans of sliced potatoes and family size can gr…

Family of 4, have 2 ham steaks, 3 cans of sliced potatoes and family size can green beans. Needing tips for making the canned potatoes taste good. TIA

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  1. I roll my canned potatoes in flour with a little salt and pepper and fry like regular potatoes

  2. Raechele Osborn Perez

    Make a ham pot pie. Can of cream of celery or cream of mushrooms mix together with the canned potatoes green beans and any other veg. Mix Bisquick batter poor on top bake at 375 for an hour

  3. Make a scallop and potatoes , layer potatoes flour milk ham , onion , salt , pepper,. Serve green beans on the side

  4. Fry the potatoes in olive oil or ghee with the green beans. Add the ham and make hash.
    Serve with a quick mustard/shallot sauce. We use the canned tatoes often. Cuz they are cheap and convenient for hash…and I do a hash with some meat every week

  5. Drain really well and lay on a dish towel to dry. Fry them up with some onion, salt and pepper.

  6. If you have any chicken better than bullion or just regular bullion. Or a chicken broth. Cube up ham. Drain the potatoes. And the green beans. Put into one pot together. With fresh onion if you have it. And minced garlic. Add some salt, with a little bit of garlic powder and maybe onion powder also. Probably 2-3 cups of water. Let simmer for a while. So the potatoes soak up the flavors. And it should be a tasty meal. 😋

  7. April Davis-Fingland

    Drain and fry in butter. You could make a cream sauce for the green beans to add flavour

  8. Sea salt on the potatoes- drain them well, rinse in hot water. In a skillet, heat up olive oil. Add potatoes, salt them with sea salt & black pepper. I cube up the ham steaks and add to the potatoes. If you have green beans, add them to the potatoes & ham.

  9. My family loves it when I just fry canned potatoes in some butter and then add some canned milk or half-and-half, seasoning salt and pepper. 

  10. I like to use canned sliced potatoes for scalloped potatoes and ham because the cook time is less. Drain the potatoes, cream of chicken, dice up ham, sour cream, onion, salt and pepper, garlic powder and a bunch of shredded cheese….mix all together and bake until cheese is nice and bubbly

  11. Laurie Cassell

    Use chicken broth instead of water to boil them in salt pepper butter. Air fryer salt pepper garlic powder Italian seasoning. Yummy. Or cook in with your green beans. Salt pepper butter a little cooking oil

  12. Sue Baetje Knierim

    Drain and pat dry. Fry in bacon grease and onion. Season well with salt and pepper when browned.

  13. Angela London Sartin

    Mix the green beans and potatoes. Season with salt and pepper and onion or onion powder if you have it. If your ham has bits of fat on it, trim and add to the beans and potatoes or if you happen to have any bacon or bacon grease, that is good also. Don’t just heat up the veggies, actually cook them. If I have to use store bought, I bring to a boil and then lower temp so that they are slightly boiling for 20-30 minutes.

  14. Old German lady gave me this tip years ago for how she did her amazing tasting green beans (canned green beans). Separate liquid from can In a small pan. Sauté onions tomatoes and bacon, add a cream of mushroom (gravy) packet and add the green beans back. Simmer to infuse. Amazing!!!

  15. Michelle Adams

    Fry them up in some butter. I love to add shredded cheese and make a cheese potato. So good.

  16. Fry up bacon if you don’t have it and have some of the grease saved add a small spoon of that and some Cajun creole seasoning to them or chop some of the ham and add to the green beans cook down until almost all the juice is out.

  17. Coat them in melted butter or olive oil and season them with a spice mix, salt pepper onion & garlic powder and paprika….you can then either bake or pan fry and they should taste great!

  18. Jeannie Nelson Grunden

    they great to fry, I always keep on hand for those nights I need potatoes fast.

  19. Add cheese and milk and diced ham and a bit of butter and make scalloped potatoes with Ham casserole!

  20. I season mine with some oil or melted butter, i also use a variety of spices like onion powder, garlic powder, chives, seasoning salt, i also chop up onions ( green or whatever i have on hand)
    For the beans i would blanch them in salted water if using fresh then add them i would season them the same way if using canned i would drain first and then season them the same way as the potatoes
    I would make my ham in a fry pan or on bbq and brush it with bbq sauce

  21. Linda Dixon Givens

    First off rinse the beans and potatoes, fry some of the ham in a pot afterwards put everything in a pot season to taste add water to cover. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium let it simmer until the potatoes are softener.

  22. Sauté onio. A little first and then add and cook potatoes. You can lightly dredge them in flour and fry. Of course salt and pepper and I use a pinch of garlic

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