EAT 3 Breakfasts Your Kids Can Cook Themselves

EAT | 3 Breakfasts Your Kids Can Cook Themselves

Skip the cereal and get your young children cooking their possess breakfasts with these 3 simple ideas. Subscribe to WUM for pleasurable, handy videos at 9 AM ET!

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49 thoughts on “EAT | 3 Breakfasts Your Kids Can Cook Themselves”

  1. this is cute! I will say that the key to not have egg all over the pan is to heat the pan before adding the egg. For like a minute or 2, and make sure the oil is enough per egg (more if its 2 or 3 eggs, etc.). Then add the eggs and they never stick for me anymore!! super easy to clean and honestly I praise God. btw, this method doesn't seem to work on my non-stick pan (yep it sticks w non-stick)

  2. I just made a oreo drink and i am seven

    you need
    bowl small
    smash oreo with a spoon
    add to a mug
    get a short cup
    add to the cup
    also pour the milk
    add choclate powder 2 spoons
    add topping with a oreo
    and enjoy😆

  3. Loved this! Im starting by teaching my 3 year old baking, and that's helping her learn to crack eggs, and mix well, gearing up for her making egg breakfasts in the next few years!

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