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Easy Summer cook out dessert! No cake/cupcakes if possible! TIA

Easy Summer cook out dessert! No cake/cupcakes if possible!

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27 thoughts on “Easy Summer cook out dessert! No cake/cupcakes if possible! TIA”

  1. Steff Paolucci

    Sand dessert. Vanilla pudding, white Oreos. Just like a cup of dirt put it in a bucket and use a sand shovel to scoop it out

  2. Von Frey McCreight

    Pudding pie
    3- 4oz chocolate pudding
    2 cups milk
    1 container cool whip
    Graham cracker or shortbread crust

    Mix pudding and milk with half container of cool whip. Pour into pie crust, top with the rest of the cool whip and refrigerate for a couple hours to set. Easy and delicious. My kids love it 😊

  3. Two cans of fruit mix
    1 can evaporated milk 1 can of condensed milk
    Little less than half a cup of sour cream mix together it’s delicious just double the cans and a spoonful or two extra of sour cream if you wanna make more 🙂

  4. Punch bowl cake
    Cut up an angel food cake
    Sliced strawberries mixed with sugar
    2 packs of vanilla or cheesecake pudding (made as directions say for pudding
    Cool whip
    Layer everything in a bowl except the cool whip. Once all layers are done top with the cool whip

  5. Cindy Jimenez Kennedy

    I split a banana in two add chocolate chips marshmallows and nuts wrap in foil and put by a camp fire or grill until everything is melted my grandkids love them.

  6. Jennifer Victoria

    Strawberry pretzel salad…the recipe can be found anywhere and there are different variations. My mom used to make it with mandarin oranges instead of strawberries to switch it up, sooo good. Deborah Saunders

  7. Banana Split cake- nice cool and refreshing- It’s not an actual cake. It’s my favorite summer dessert.

  8. Tamarene Boswell

    Frozen lemonade pie. Semi thawed half gallon vanilla ice cream, 1 can thawed lemonade, 1 graham cracker crust pie. Mix ice cream and lemonade well put into crust. Shape. Put in freezer for about 3 hours.

  9. Sheila Spaulding

    Pistachio fluff:
    1-16 oz cool whip
    1 bag small marshmellows
    1 can crushed pineapple
    2 small boxes of pistachio pudding
    Mix all together and put in fridge until ready to eat.. Super easy and yummy!

  10. Linda Pounds Bennett

    Smores, Watermelon fruit display cut 1/3 off top of watermelon, take a knife and go down 3/4’s way down in x pattern scoop out the watermelon cut up in bite size pieces and scoop rest of watermelon down almost to rind, add blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe mix in bowl and put back in watermelon you can pile it up if not all fits bring rest with you to replenish. Makes an impressive dessert

  11. Cyndi Jo South

    Strawberry shortcake! Use bagged strawberry glaze, mix in strawberries. use the lil shortcakes, top with the strawberries and rediwhip. Easy peasy

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