I am looking for a dish that is completely different

Easy, cheap ideas for ground turkey. Not spaghetti or tacos

Easy, cheap ideas for ground turkey. Not spaghetti or tacos

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28 thoughts on “Easy, cheap ideas for ground turkey. Not spaghetti or tacos”

  1. Mix with ground beef and make meatloaf…..really anything you’d make with ground beef, you can use that in place of. My secret? Add some beef stock to simmer, my boys never knew I’d ever substituted

  2. Julia Anastasia Kimmel

    Another vote for meatballs. Really good with pineapple salsa and bell peppers served over rice to shake it up a little

  3. A friend of my husbands stopped by unexpectedly one night and it was a day before shopping and nothing in the house except a frozen pound of turkey meat. I thawed it quick, made it into patties and cooked them, made a box of stuffing and put that on top. put some cream of chicken soup on top and baked them. It tasted like Thanksgiving dinner!

  4. TiAnna Louise Mills

    Turkey burgers. I also really like making a homemade hamburger helper type thing with it bc it’s less greasy.

  5. Kaaty Whissell

    Turkey Burgers 2 ingredients and so good

    Chicken nuggets
    Egg roll in a bowl
    Mini meatloaf’s

  6. Burgers, put it in mac and cheese, goulash, meatloaf, sloppy joes, teriyaki rice bowls, enchiladas, some type of casserole, chili, quesadillas, stroganoff, stir fry 

  7. Nick Robertson

    Chili with ground turkey is fantastic. Turkey burgers are fantastic but you have to put some egg and crackers in with it to help keep the patties formed. Loose meat sandwiches with ground turkey is good. Sloppy Joe’s or any local or family variation or also fantastic. I like ground turkey because it takes the seasonings very very well. Those are usually my go tos.

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