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Genshin Influence Sucrose! – ‘Alternative Outfits’ on – Thesuper lovable Genshin Effect wind Waifu! Sucrose from Genshin Influence is the 2nd of our Genshin Affect fanart trio in the cleanse anime fashion! #sucrose #art #genshinimpact

TWITCH Reside!

Outro Track: By The Amazing Raquel Lily!
with Bass By

45 thoughts on “DRAWING SUCROSE / GENSHIN IMPACT – Draw With Mikey 146”

  1. Tutorials Reference Pack on https://www.Patreon.com/mikeymegamega

    The Art-Youtube Equipment I use (seeing as a lot have been asking!)

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    I usually just skip to the end to see the drawing finished instead of listening to the whole talk, and when I don't skin it I hear this…

  3. Hey Mikey, I’ve been watching your channel for a few months and I wanted to thank you for your awesome content and super helpful tips! I did have a question related to sketching that I believe is totally preference but I wanted to ask anyway out of curiosity; do you listen to music when you sketch? Both on and off camera? Obviously music is awesome and I love jamming out while I’m working on a piece but I wonder if maybe I get too invested in the music. Would love to hear your opinion, thank you for all your work (I’ve only seen the SFW stuff for now, but I digress), and can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

  4. Hey mikey , where do you get inspiration from if you don't know what to draw i.r.t. clothes . I don't have the money for adobe photoshop , i am thinking about Krita for 9.99 . Would you try that out for a video . I just love your style you are just amazing in healing my brokenheart that i have got for two months now . <3 from Amsterdam , stay cheeki breeki

  5. I can’t warp the lines in procreate without getting distortion, is this a photoshop feature? You can transform line without fuzzing them up

  6. You’re a very talented artist, you seem to be a very nice person as well, but I really don’t understand why people contribute to rule 34; especially with a character as wholesome as Sucrose.

  7. I don't know why I got so stressed out watching you redraw this so many times when I do the exact same thing. I think it's because every time you drew it I was like "it looks just fine!!" Lol

  8. Hey Mikey a while back in DWM you were looking for over the top villains, everyone came up Dio but have you seen Dilandau from Escaflowne? (the movie not the anime) He's hilariously unhinged and I think about him often

  9. Hey Mikey hope you have a good Christmas cant wait for a new dwm also do you have any advice on posing for cuter smaller characters since im finding it hard to do figure it out and how to think about the art im working on also yes the voice dose help

  10. Hey Mikkkkey do you collect figures or anything of that nature as well? I found it useful to have figures to not only stimulate the sense but I have a constant 3D reference of all my busty waifus… And it keeps the moms from visiting

  11. hey mikey i really am not that big of an anime fan but i always find myself drawing to these videos bc its so relaxing and ur personality is so charming(and ur art is really pretty)

  12. Hey Mikey! I’ve been a huge fan for ages now and I know you did a Rias episode ages back but I feel like you should do Akeno and Rias fan art from high school DxD

  13. i have a suggestion!! moving to picarto for streaming nsfw or 18+ or suggestive content!! they wont remove you or ban you, you can even put a filter for it on there for nsfw or 18+ people to be able to watch only. i enjoy it more than twitch anyway 🙂

  14. Hey, so I'm doing some art stuff, but I use an app. Called ibis paint, and I havent mastered it yet, I dunno how to to shade properly, how to add lighting and background etc. Is there another app on mobile similar to what mikey uses, or can anyone comment how I can get better if the did or did not use ibis paint

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