How do you attract animal ears on a human head? Wherever do you put horns? What is the accurate way to draw a snout? Study the top rated suggestions for developing 50 percent-animal 50 percent-human characters, as very well as biologically accurate means to draw animal characteristics!

Winged Canvas art teacher Jessie Chang teaches us her particular tactics for thoughtful character layout, and widespread mistakes newbie artists really should prevent in this quick art tutorial!

🕓 Timestamps:
:00 – Introduction
:05 – How to draw animal SNOUTS
1:58 – How to draw CAT EARS on persons
4:30 – How to attract HORSE EARS on men and women
5:39 – How to attract HORNS on persons

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38 thoughts on “Don't Draw ANIMAL CHARACTERS Like This!”

  1. I came here expecting something stupid and to disagree, but I actually got really good tips. And I like how the "Don't do this" Was only the title and you say that you can do it the other way if that's how you wanna, and your tips came from an educational sorta perspective

  2. I have this half-dragon OC that has full control where her draconic features appear on her human body. Because of this, I've already come to terms with animalistic features will tend to shift your center of balance. Whenever she needs to lay low and hide her horns/tail/wings, she's always incredibly off balance and complaining about it.

  3. The notes on the ears and horns are great! I just drew a Teifling character to go along with my player character’s back story, and I knew I wanted him to have horns from an animal that would live in the same biome IRL. What I did with the horn placement was observe the placement on the reference animal and used that to help map the placement on the character’s head so that the looked balanced. Oh! also made sure he didn’t have a skinny neck since since the muscles would need to accommodate the weight of the horns as well 😅

  4. A very intersting take on humanoid animal is the comics series Blacksad. It's very nice to look at tbh, the whole thing is in watercolour.
    Themes of the series: detective, dark side of the city, violence, m[u]rder and some erotism that appears.

  5. You're not wrong. But everyone (literally) have their own design..If you have your own design Keep up! This Lady is teaching you how to draw in her style…for example i don't trust This lady..she isn't wrong but she isn't correct… she's a balance …draw in your own design…you will be confused if you take lessons like this…If you already have will ruin it by using her and your style…

  6. There's a character I like who I want to draw with animal ears. The issue is she has an undercut and one side of her head is shaved. How do I use this technique you mentioned and have her ears start where human ears would without it looking really strange?

  7. What I took from this is that I've already thought of everything when drawing, I draw for funsies but like being as accurate so it doesn't look wrong. What I'll keep in mind are the ram horns, I have a Jakob's Sheep character so his horn's weight is already sort of even but the horn placement is what I'd like to fix bc it looks sort of messy to look at and I didn't know why

  8. What species is the character on the thumbnail? I’m curious about the design, and I’m wondering if they’re a mythological creature or an original species.

  9. honestly, perhaps the reason i never did animal ears bigger on humans is just pure rage. there are no words that explain the absolute d i s t r e s s i feel EVERY SINGLE TIME i see animal ears that are bigger or about the same size of the head on a human figure. i have no idea what's the origin of such h a t r e d, but it always made me go in full panic everytime i saw such drawings (bunny ears, however, always have been exceptions). to finally put an end to this cicle of agony, i may start drawing correctly for the sake of my own sanity (and artwork)

  10. I thought this was gonna be an opinionated rant about style like other artists have done. Not only was I wrong, now I'm inspired. These are awesome ideas, I'll definitely be keeping this in mind.

  11. I really needed the ear portion! Sometimes I like drawing cat girls for fun, and I usually put the ears up top and cover where the human ears are with hair, Schrödinger's cat but make it Schrödinger's ears instead, y’know? This is super helpful so now I don’t have to pull a Schrödinger's ear anymore!

  12. 2:07 THANK YOU. that's always looked wonky to me and I've been drawing animal-esque ears more on the sides like that ever since this one ears tutorial page I found that basically says exactly what you say here
    (ofc, it only matters if you care about making your cat-people and other animal-eared humanoids anatomically plausible, but y'know, I personally find that more fun)

  13. Just imagining a person with ram horns on the back of head is hilarious, like if you have one person hold up an adolescent with that by the horns and and another hold the body.. THE MOMENT YOU LET GO OF THE HORNS THE HEAD WILL JUST FLOP BACKWARDS LIKE WOMP! XD just imagine hearing in the distance "ALL I CAN SEE IS THE F*KING CEILING! AND IM GONNA FALL OVE-" *CRASH! Lol the shenanigans would be INSANE!

  14. Hi I have a question! I don't know if you've already made a video regarding this topic but whenever I search for tips on how to draw hair it's normally just one style of hair that you can pretty much copy directly. I was more looking for a way to draw any style of hair and to do that I need to know how hair behaves. Can you make a video on that or just give me some tips please?

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