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Creating a ice cream sundae bar for my daughter’s birthday. Roughly 10-15 teen g…

Creating a ice cream sundae bar for my daughter’s birthday. Roughly 10-15 teen girls coming . What toppings , syrups etc etc are a must to buy? I’ve never done this before and just want this to go smoothly . So any tips or tricks would be great as well ☺️

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  1. Julie Ann Olson

    Chocolate syrup, caramel, butterscotch, strawberries, marshmallow topping, sprinkles, Oreo pieces, m&m’s…..maybe have your daughter choose her favorites too.
    I’m thinking this may be a fun last day of school thing for next year…..

  2. Christine R Doherty

    Marshmallows, gummies, chocolate chips, reese’s pieces, m&ms, crushed oreos, whipped cream, fudge, caramel, strawberry toppings
    Maraschino cherries

  3. Tammy Underwood Sullivan

    Hot fudge, caramel, strawberries, pineapple, banana
    Crushed Oreo, chopped Reeces, M&MS, chocolate chips, brownie pieces, marshmallows
    Almonds, pecans, sprinkles, whipped cream, cherries

  4. Hot chocolate fudge, carmel topping, sweetened thawed frozen strawberries (the kind you put on top angel food cake) Bananas, sprinkles, crushed oreos, or other candies like gummy bears, reeces pieces, or mini m&m’s…nuts, whipped cream and cherries to top them with.

  5. Vicki Margaret Angel

    Bowls of strawberries, pineapple, peaches and apricots with
    Vanilla and chocolate icecream
    Whipped cream, full bananas and cherries with chocolate strawberry and caramel topping plus a bowl of vanilla yogurt
    A bowl of chocolate frogs and marshmallows maybe hire a chocolate fountain

  6. Paula Williams

    Hot fudge, caramel, strawberry topping. Marshmallow topping. Chopped peanuts, bananas, reeses pieces, m&m, crushed Oreo, crushed butterfinger, edible cookie dough, brownies and whipped cream.

  7. Diane Peterson

    Marshmallow topping and fresh bananas and chocolate syrup and can crushed pineapple and fresh berries like Strawberries. Blueberries and raspberries and Carmel sauce with whipped cream and nuts

  8. Laurie Abdella

    Strawberry topping or fresh strawberries macerated down with sugar to make a sauce ,hot fudge sauce in a squirt bottle for easy dispensing, marshmallow maybe, you can thin it with a little water and put into a squirt bottle for easy dispensing. $1.25 store sells these bottles. bananas, canned whipped cream, nuts separated from everything incase of allergies, sprinkles rainbow or chocolate or both, gummie candies, crushed Oreos, brownies for brownie sundaes, mini m&ms, maraschino cherries, chopped up Reese’s cups keep with nuts because of peanut butter, mini chocolate chips,
    Vanilla Ice cream, a chocolate kind and depending on how many a 3rd flavor like a strawberry or mint Choc Chip or something that is big with that age group or if anyone is lactose intolerant or dairy allergies a dairy free option like popsicles / sorbet or slush. Sherbert has dairy so not dairy free. So those with dairy sensitivities can still partake w/o the dairy .

  9. Beth White Carlton

    I buy the small single serving containers of vanilla ice cream to use when
    having self-serve sundaes. This greatly speeds up the line, no need for messy scooping , no need to buy bowls, no need for portion control. Just buy plastic spoons , squeeze bottles of chocolate syrup, caramel, strawberry, cans of whipped cream, and jars of cherries 🍒.

  10. I would do , chocolate fudge , whipped cream , nuts (if no allergys) strawberries , cut up bananas , canned cherrys , strawberry syrup, hot caramel, cookies , m&ms

  11. Rainbow/ and chocolate sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, crushed up oreos, mini m&ms, whipped cream

  12. Emma Louise Reeves

    Crushed Oreos, crushed chocolate chip cookies (crush a pack of each yourself) whipped cream, jar of cherries, caramel syrup and hot fudge. If no allergies chopped peanuts
    Chocolate chips (so many flavors to pick from)
    Candies (m&ms, gummy worms, gummy bears, reeces peanut butter cups cut up)
    Mini marshmallows
    Strawberry pie filling canned in baking aisle.

  13. Leigh Pope Annand

    I did this for my son’s graduation party. Had cookies & brownies. 4 ice cream options (used a very small kiddie pool & filled with ice & set on the counter/table to keep it from being a melted mess), chocolate, caramel & strawberry syrups. Then a variety of sprinkles/toppings…mini chocolate chips, reeses pieces, mini m & m’s, sour gummies, etc. My suggestion is to put out in small portions, it’s easier to refill than to toss what is unused.

  14. Carrie Ann Gonyea

    Syrups I’d say hot fudge, chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, caramel. Toppings cherries crushed nuts jimmies aka(sprinkles) whipped cream m&ms

  15. Chocolate fudge
    Strawberry sundae topping
    Whipped cream
    Crushed Oreos
    Cherry (for the top)

  16. My daughter would have whipped cream at the top of her list. Chocolate syrup or hot fudge , caramel sauce, sprinkles, m&ms. Oreo pieces. You can probably get some toppings at dollar store

  17. If you pre dip the ice cream then there is no waiting in line. Chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, crushed Oreos, gummy bears, whipped cream maricheno cherrys, crushed pineapple

  18. Tara Fitzgerald

    Crushed up stuff like…. Oreos, skor, chocolate chips cookies, brownies, aero bars and wafers to go with strawberry jam (strawberry shortcake)

  19. Dana E Roberts

    I’d just do banana split bar.
    Bananas Choco, strawberry, Caramel syrups with nuts and sprinkles

  20. Victoria Bryant

    Cookie dough balls, crushed oreos, brownie or brownie crumbles. Marshmaow crea, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce

  21. Judy Funk Calhoun

    Bake a cake and then cut it into small squares … add to choices of toppings ( or base)

  22. Strawberry berry syrup chocolate syrup Carmel sprinkles whipped cream and cherries and sundae cones

  23. Freda Alvina Tucker Gable

    Messy toppings like hot fudge or caramel sauces I suggest putting in squeeze bottles. Both for less mess and easy clean up.
    💯Easy to zap in microwave if needed💕🤣

  24. Cindy Bartolotta

    This used to be done at work. One woman took it upon herself to buy all the toppings. She had tons of stuff. Figure 4 syrups: choc, butterscotch, caramel and strawberry. Fresh fruit: strawberries and crushed pineapple. Toppings: sprinkles/jimmies, crushed oreos, m&m’s, nuts. Add whipped cream and cherries. There’s more, but this should cover all favorites. Also consider a tub of sherbet for those who cannot tolerate milk products. Oh, and go with just basic vanilla and choc ice cream.

  25. Cookie toppings are fun, crushed candy bar, cookie dough bites
    Magic shell are a favorite
    Hot fudge
    Bananas for banana splits
    Canned whipped cream for sure
    Tubs of vanilla & chocolate
    Maraschino cherries
    Chopped nuts if no allergies

  26. Keep us so simple !! We did cupcake decorating and I used the candy buffet and the leftovers where lollie bags 😂 winner winner

  27. I would avoid nuts because of allergies but, crushed up cookies, sprinkles, chocolate, strawberry, and caramel syrups. Candy bars would be fun. chocolate chips, fruit, candy pieces.

  28. I would ask your daughter for her favorites & then round out with some classics. Make brownies and crumble them, sprinkles, whip cream & then a fruit or 2, a candy or 2 (lots of kids like gummy bears or worms)

  29. Me and my nanna always did chocolate or vanilla ice cream with sprinkles chocolate or caramel sauce and whipped cream and cherries

  30. Sarah Sedelmeier

    Gotta have gummy bears! My daughter is 16. She’d say brownie bites, maybe cheesecake bites, mini m&Ms, strawberries, fruity pebbles, Oreos & chocolate chips.

  31. Pre-scoop your ice cream into scoops, and freeze again. I use a muffin tin. That way they aren’t standing in line waiting for scoops. It can hold up a line!

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