Complete moon growing from my deck in Pennsville, New Jersey, United states, of which I have live…

Full moon rising from my deck in Pennsville, New Jersey, United states, of which I have lived for 35 several years. Our city borders on the Delaware River which I desire I lived on as the sunsets can be rather remarkable. Never ever quite had a check out I felt was worthy of submitting, but my new mobile phone built the 30 12 months previous deck my late husband crafted come to existence!
Great wellbeing (psychological and actual physical) and joy to all. Liked ones can go away you in an instant. Cherish each moment.

thank for the original creator Sue Haviland Hopely

45 thoughts on “Complete moon growing from my deck in Pennsville, New Jersey, United states, of which I have live…”

  1. Judi Polanowski

    Hi Sue. Thanks for sharing your beautiful moon view with us. Enjoy it every chance you get. Greetings from West Chicago, Illinois USA. 👋😀🎶💕

  2. Carolynne Dunner

    Raised my children in Woodstown, worked down at the Island, familiar with Pennsville pretty at times!

  3. My family is from Pennsville. I’m right across the river in Delaware. Your view is beautiful

  4. Vivian Ruth Sawyer

    Sue Haviland Hopely I lost my beloved husband in January. It’s so hard! Thank you for posting! The desk is beautiful!

  5. Rebecca Townsend

    You are so right! A lovely view from your fine deck. All the best from Indialantic Florida USA

  6. Hello from Adelaide, South Australia! 👋 What a beautiful view and to watch it from your deck with so many memories is just wonderful!

  7. Lucky you. You have hummingbirds to entertain you. Lovely view. Greeting from Las Vegas, Nevada.

  8. Andrea Warren Power

    Peace and love dear heart. Life can surprise you too. Enjoy your beautiful view. From Waikoloa Village Hawaii USA

  9. Oh boy what a beautiful night and yard. I love your lights around the porch and the wood is beautiful. It’s gorgeous. Hi from California

  10. Louise Da Silva

    Awesome deck and beautiful yard. Thanks for sharing and take care. Hi from Ottawa, Canada

  11. Carmen Garcia Daniel

    Hello from Covington TN USA. Your husband did a wonderful job because the deck looks awesome.

  12. Good health to you! You are so right. No matter how much time you have with your mate it is never enough. Greetings from Tennessee.

  13. Lois Cunningham

    Hello 👋👋 New Jersey from Ontario, Canada and may God bless you always.Sorry for your loss of your husband.Your view is wonderful

  14. Wishing you happy memories as you enjoy your time on your deck. Your photo of the full moon is lovely!

  15. Tara Keegan Stacey

    Beautiful view! I love that you have great memories of your late husband. Hello from Central Massachusetts!

  16. Take care. I hope you are very happy and content there. It’s a beautiful view. I would love to see the place. Peace.

  17. Sorry for your loss. Have a wonderful deck and lots of good memories. Hi from Southern Indiana.

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