Colora, Maryland, United states….

Colora, Maryland, Usa.
Our again deck on a wintertime day, my initially own house that my partner and me bought in 2009.
After transferring to United states in 2004 and battling most cancers twice items like this perspective are my capturing applications that makes lifestyle a tiny brighter.

thank for the initial creator Maria Celia Mullen

21 thoughts on “Colora, Maryland, United states….”

  1. I am glad you have the beauty to help you through the hard times.
    Hello from Big Bear Lake, California, USA

  2. Sandy Sayson-Fraser

    YEP. Beautiful 💕
    SO much for which we may choose to be grateful….

    Hello from Tampa Bay, Florida, USA ‼️🇺🇸😷😘😁🤗

  3. How lovely to look out on open space!I wish you good health and many more years of joy in your home. Blessings from Sydney Australia

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