Cleveland, Ohio Usa…

Cleveland, Ohio United states
Just about every home in our dwelling has a see of this courtyard …We adore our cozy, private, courtyard! Our summertime happy area.🌸

thank for the primary creator Lisa Slaatten Reich

40 thoughts on “Cleveland, Ohio Usa…”

  1. Dorian Antoinette Elizabeth Stonebraker

    Oh my goodness you have a green thumb! Plants are outrageously expensive this year

  2. Michele Fitzgerald Jewett

    Just beautiful. You are blessed with a green thumb. From Southern California

  3. Dawn Praechter

    So nice to have a view of the courtyard from every room in the house 🏡 🌺. Hello from another midwestern neighbor, St Louis, MO 👋🥰

  4. How pretty! it does look like a wonderful place to summer ♥️
    Hello from Arkansas USA 👋

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