Cherry Hill, NJ Usa….

Cherry Hill, NJ Usa.
This is the look at from my living place doorway.You can not see it from this image, but the residence goes over and above the tree line. We have a clean stream thar runs along the suitable side. This residence has been in my husbands family for 65 a long time. Every year is wonderful.

thank for the unique creator Sene Knoll

48 thoughts on “Cherry Hill, NJ Usa….”

  1. Graceann Saggio Cervero

    Love it..greetings from Shoreline Connecticut..what do you do with your cushions when it rains?

  2. Christine Fade

    Sene, You have a flair for exterior design. Thank you for sharing your view with us. 🗽

  3. Pat Roey Freedman

    I drove through Cherry Hill and shopped at Cherry Hill Mall regularly for most of the 1980s while living in Cinnaminson, NJ. Your yard must be a relaxing escape from the traffic and commercial development in that area (probably worse now than in the 1980s).

  4. Just gorgeous…..and your green thumb is showing in the beautiful plants. (Michigan gardener)

  5. Debra Stone Brigher

    I grew up in Cherry Hill and still live near by. It’s such a great place to live. I love your yard.

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